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    First off: Hey what's up? Nice to meet all of you. I've been popping in and lurking for a while now, but my time to register finally came.

    My Music Business teacher assigned a Career Research paper. I'm interested in the Electronics side and building effects so I thought that would be an interesting topic.

    Unfortunately we need sources and such and I'm having a hard time finding any, let alone any of merit. It's a case of not knowing the terms to search with or the places to use them. (EX, I tried a ton of variations on sound tech, audio engineer, etc, but they're invariably using the term broadly and then only touching on studio engineers and the like.)If anyone could help me I'd appreciate it. With sources I might find useful, terms I might try to search with, or just places that would help.

    Thanks again.
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    Most equipment designers are either electrical engineers or are self taught. The term Audio Engineer USUALLY refers to someone who is using the equipment and not building it. You need to look around the web and do a search for audio electronics engineer and and when you get to the job posting look at what they are asking for in terms of experience or degrees. I have a good friend who designs tube amplifier and he has not had any formal training but is the best of the best when it comes to designing and building equipment. Here are a couple off the WWW

    Click for help files

    Best of luck!
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