JoeMeek stuff


Aug 20, 2004
New topic right away tonight

1) in terms of quality of osound and durability how do these rate compared to say the avalon's i have??

2) if i got an all in one say the twinQ would i get a totally different sound than using the M5 into the 747 for say a vocal or acoustic guitar using my AT4050 mic??

they look pretty nice and i have read some good things about them, i am just digging to see if i can add another flavor to my sound?



I had a Joe Meek Preamp, EQ, Compressor/Channel that cost about $500. I wasn't crazy about their legendary compressor. It had a slow attack and I couldn't use the compressor for much. The preamp sounded great! It wasn't transparent, it had it's own sound. But it was a great sound. I never used the EQ much, but it was a good EQ. Overall, I wasn't crazy about the performance for the money and sold it after about a year.