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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Fer, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. Fer

    Fer Guest

    hi people, most surely someone might have asked this, but here it goes again, it may help somebody:

    is there any way to join two tracks when burning them into a CD? I mean, let's suppose I want to have a song finishing and the next one to "step" in right then (probably not the technical term) at the very same time, like so many, for ex, concept albums with songs altogether...


  2. Opus2000

    Opus2000 Well-Known Member

    Apr 7, 2001
    It depends on the software that you are using to burn the CD with...some will allow you to simply get rid of the mandatory two second gap between songs.

    Some programs allow you to create a track marker in the middle of a song. That would most likely be what you are looking for.

    I use wavelab for the audio montage and create everything that way.

    I'm not sure how well CD Architect(if it's still available) works.

    I'm not sure what other programs are out there as I've been using Wavelab for several years and always have been happy with it.

    Opus :D
  3. I believe Jam on the Mac side of things will do what you're looking for. I'm sure there are tons of programs Mac and PC that will do that. Experiment and let us all know how things turn out.

  4. mjatas

    mjatas Guest

    I have written this before on this forum but here is your solution.

    1) First record you mix from mixer (equipment) to PC and use Creative Recorder to record your mix to your PC as wav. Learn how to record from your mixer to PC. I cannot explain all the steps because it would take forever.

    2) Next as soon as you have your long mix as a wav file, take it to Adobe Auditions and master it there. (Learn how to use Auditions).

    3) After that, take your new wav file and open it up in Steinberg Wavelab. I use version 4.0. Then add markers there. Where ever one song ends and the other starts. To add a marker press ctrl + insert on keyboard and add the marker called CD track splice. On the right of the new marker dialog box check off quantize to CD frame and lock position only. In addition, do that for the rest of the mix.

    4) After you have done that highlight (click) the beginning of the mix and as you can see part of the mix (the first track) is highlighted. If you do not know what is happening at this stage then forget it you will never be back in a studio again. LOL. Okay, after you have done this copy the first track (the portion you just highlighted) and right click and copy. Then open a new wav document and paste (the first track) what you just copied.

    5) Then you are ready to record (not burn to CD - record) your first track from that huge file you've created. Hopefully you're still in Wavelab, go to file, save as and save your track where ever you wish on your PC. When you finished saving the track then do the same thing with all the tracks from the long wav file you have.

    6) When you are finished that you should have all your songs from that long wav file cut. From here it's CD burning time. You can do this in Nero 6.0 (what I use), however it will not be the same as burning a regular audio CD. Let me tell you and listen very closely. Open Nero StartSmart. Go to applications on the left side and click Nero Burning ROM.

    7) When you have that open you are ok. From Nero Burning ROM go to New Compilation if the dialog box didn't open for you. In the dialog box select CD and audio CD on left side menu. Then you will see four tabs at the middle top of the window. Click the Audio CD tab. There you can type your info it's straight forward. By the way, if you didn't know what UPC/EAN code means just leave that space blank. Now click on CDA tab. The boxes at the bottom, remove silence and cache track, should be checked off. CD file strategy set to default. Now go to burn tab on top (please do not burn the CD as of yet). GO TO BURN TAB ON THAT WINDOW. For action, write and finalize CD should be check off. Nothing else from the top should be checked off. Now go to write method and choose from the scroll bar disc-at-once (do not choose disc-at-once/96). Checkmark buffer underrun protection box. Anything else I didn't mention please DO NOT worry about or click on.

    8) Okay, after that click on open in the same dialog box. Choose your files (the individual tracks - not the long wave file you mixed). After you select the files or folder, I believe the dialog box will disappear. If the audio file is not on the left of the main screen, then go to the right, highlight your files, and drag them to the left of the main screen. Now you have your entire file on the left. Now put your files in order, which they go in. Then click anywhere on the first file listed there. Audio track properties dialog box appears. Leave everything the way it is just click the two bottom check boxes. Protection and cross fade (you cannot choose cross fade for the first track - but the other tracks you can). Then for cross fades, choose 0 seconds (like I said again for the first track you cannot choose cross fade).

    9) When you are done all that then you are a master at recording. Here comes the CD burning process. Go to the main menu Recorder and choose burn compilation. After that, another dialog box opens up. Do not change anything in that dialog box just go to the right on that dialog box and click BURN. That's it huh? Pretty easy?

    If you have any other questions just post here or better message me
  5. axel

    axel Guest

    if you are on mac, jam or peak allows you to create 'non gap' tracks or / and markers... (so that you see in the cd player trackcount say two tracks but they play as one continous one...)
  6. mjatas

    mjatas Guest

    also go here
    (Dead Link Removed)
  7. daveMusic

    daveMusic Guest

    I use CD Architect for this (current version 5.2) and have never had a problem. It's great for crossfades and effects as well. I actually use it for mastering sometimes.

    I think even Nero will allow you to remove the two second gap when burning an audio but I don't think it allows for other things like crossfades and effects. (Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.) I haven't burned an audio CD in anything but CD-Architect for about four years now so some of the more all purpose cd software might have more audio function than I'm aware of.

  8. mjatas

    mjatas Guest

    Nero will work for sure however you need the pro version of 6.0 and you need Nero Burning ROM and you need to know how to use Nero Burning Rom because in Nero Express you can not do what you want to do.
  9. tnjazz

    tnjazz Active Member

    Jan 4, 2005
    Maybe I'm misreading this, but I think he's wanting to crossfade the songs into each other, not just have them start up as the previous one finishes.

    In order to do that you'd need to lay out all your tracks individually in a multitrack editor, shift them to the left on the timeline so they overlap to your liking, then mix the entire project down to a single wav. At that point all your tacks will "seamlessly" blend into each other. Then it would be your option to insert track markers, etc.

    Some programs that can do this are Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition, Cubase, Nuendo, PT, Sonar, N-Track, etc.

    Basically any multitrack editor will do the job.

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