Josephson c-42's: mmmm!

Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by -, Jul 15, 2003.

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    hats off to Fletcher for giving these babies such a hard cyber-push. Otherwise, i might not have heard of them. :tu:
  2. by

    by Guest

    I'm still amazed at how little talk there is going on about these mics. Everyone I talked to who uses them tells me they are just awsome, better then the km84 for most parts. I can't even find one single review on them. WHY?
  3. tterral1

    tterral1 Guest

    Scott Dorsey has a review in this months or last months Recording magazine. He liked them. I have one that I have only used in a live situation for acoustic guitar and it was very nice. I bought it mainly for recording, but have not had a chance to record with it yet.

    Tim T
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    great little design - about 3.75" long, solid black with gold lettering. Comes in a cute little pelican flight case not much bigger than a Sony Walkman. No pads, no roll-offs.

    Just two great sounding mics. The simple shock mounts that come with it don't fit into the actual mic case, by the way.

    I'm liking them a lot. Will probably inspire me to try them out on a lot of sources that up until now I always used large diaphragms on, like acoustic bass for instance.
  5. tonejunkee

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    Yeah, I heard from Dan (designer of the Great River line) that these are the best small diaphragms money can buy. I wonder how they compare to my marshall 603s?
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    well, if "here now" is near Boston, you can come over and we'll do a shoot-out.

    (I can't remember where "here now" is. It sounds vaguely familiar...)
  7. Eddie

    Eddie Guest

    Link please :)
  8. Guest

    oddly enough:
  9. MindMeld

    MindMeld Guest

    how do they compare to schoeps or dpa?
  10. by

    by Guest

    I know the dpa claims to have no off axis coloration (or maybe almost none), and the shcoeps are just amazing sounding. some of these mics that are at least twice the price of the c42 - and for good reason I'm sure. the fact that many consider them to be "better" is understandable. the c42 may be more durable then most, I don't know. Has anyone tried dropping a schoeps or hitting it with a drum stick?
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    i don't think c42's were designed to be as flat as a typical schoeps or dpa, which may make them less appropriate for classical recording. but they sure sound nice on OH's.
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