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  1. My girlfriend and I are trying to get her demo recorded. The only main problem that we are running into is our LOUD-ASS ROOMMATES. It is damn near impossible to do any serious recording with them in the house. I don't think that just asking them to be quiet would make much of a difference. They're all a bunch of drama queens and would just make a huge deal out of it. We were naive to think that we would be able to do any serious recording while we were staying here.

    We try to schedule times to record around times that they aren't here. But there is hardly ever any times when at least two of them aren't in the house. They yell over eachother and are excrutiatingly obnoxious. I can't wait until January when we can both move into our OWN PLACE!!!

    I know that this forum isn't necessarily the place to be posting a rant like this, however I am growing increasingly aggrevated and needed some place to vent.

    -Confessions of a frustrated musician
  2. jg49

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    Oct 16, 2008
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    What do you call a musician with out a girlfriend?

    Homeless. (I know it is old but I just couldn't help it the thread made me think of it.) What can I say? Want a handkerchief? :cry: :?

    Sorry, take an aspirin and call in January. :)
  3. song4gabriel

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    just think - it'll feel twice as wonderful in january!

    i have a similiar problem- although i cant stand it when even my neighboirs are home!!!
  4. EricIndecisive

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    Jan 4, 2007
    My mom and sister are always home when I want to record vocals... I sing really loud so it would be embarrassing if someone was around there lol. SO yes I have a similar problem
  5. Todzilla

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    May 12, 2003
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    Cheapest way to solve this problem is to give them $30 to go see a movie. It'll save you so much money vs. futilely trying to soundproof.
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