Just bought the Digi 003 Factory counsel. Anyone else have one?

Discussion in 'Consoles / Control Surfaces' started by 40below, Jun 11, 2010.

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    After recording for 3 years with the Digi 001, moving out of my apt (& in with my girlfriend) having a kid etc etc, I am now back in business with a friend and we just purchased the digi 003 Counsel. The sales guy sold on buying this rather the the usual rack as its hands on and now I barely have to touch a mouse a keyboard again which I think is a great plus. We are however in the middle of making space for all the equipment in his garage and I was wondering if anyone else here has one of these bad boys. Pros? Cons? I read one con already is that it cannot be used as a stand alone mixer like the 002 but I dont really care about that. Any pointers? Tips? Thanks everyone!
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    less mouse has got to be nice! How much are they?
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    theyre like 2195.00 new I think. i use the 002 factory board, less mouse is definately a plus :) idk about you but looking at a comp screen constantly for 4-5 hours gives me a headache. Did the salesman tell you about any new features it has compared to the 002?

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