Just purchased the EARTHWORKS DRUMKIT mic's

Discussion in 'Drums' started by SeniorFedup, Oct 23, 2005.

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    it comes with only three mics i have two questions for you kind gentle ppl.

    1. Being that there are only three mics. (and it sounds great with only three) the one small problem would be mixing to only the capabilities that only a pair of over heads would have (not including the bass drum) . Are therye any techniques for such a way of mixing with two overheads only?

    2. Is it possible , based on expert opinion that these t25' are good vor vocals? As i states b4 , my dumb b*cth-ex. Sold my ksm27 so i have no more condenser. :^( or for anyother application?
    thanks a bunch guys.

    ps. i dont post on any other recording forum but you guys.
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  3. Reggie

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    Dec 20, 2004
    1. If the dang search function worked, I would tell you to search the "Recorderman technique." Might work well for you. As far as mixing techniques, I think most of the work is going to be getting the mic placement correct before the mixing stage. You also really need a drummer who can mix himself, by playing the different drums/cymbals at their appropriate volume. Depending on the sound mix you were able to capture, you may or may not want to use compression on the overheads.

    2. Anything is possible, but you will probably have to decide how they work for you. Probably not for every vocal, but few mics are great for every vocal. I don't know.
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    thanks for your post reggie it is much appreciated.

    look i am quite sure one some on here has or owns a pair of earthworks omni or cardioid mics. is there any other useful aplications for these 'kinds of mics BESIDES overheads?.? i know that these are boxed for a drum mic setup but they are not just for drums. thank you in advance
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    check this out


    it's a video and discussion of the recorderman technique. it also links back to the original recording.org discussion.
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    so one one owns at least a pair of earthworks mics?

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