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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Gemboy, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. Gemboy

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    I been searching for the perfect Computer(DAW) hardwares-mothreboards,CPU,Video cards,etc//which can suit my needs..('bout 800 usd budget..Im ruuning a small home studio in Philippines,a very small time studio which caters indie bands. If somebody can advise which choices of hardware ,will be much appreciate..
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    Hey bro I'm from Philippines also, Welcome to the world of Computer music..
    I live in Davao.... Maybe we can have a collaboration soon....

    I guess you should build a computer part by parts.
    at least a P4 3GHZ
    or a Dual Core 1.8 g would do
    At least 1 to 2 Gig Ram
    Plenty of Hard disk space if you want to store Virtual Instruments.
    At least 256MB Video Card would do.
    A Decent Sound Module or Sound Card
    (mine is M-Audio Delta 1010lt 8X8 I/O)
    ( but if you want cheaper a Teratec DMX6fire would do)

    By the way where you from?

    email me arbi_ph@yahoo.com

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