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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by Denzel85, May 16, 2006.

  1. Denzel85

    Denzel85 Guest

    Hi, I'm sure you get posts like this all the time, but i'm sure you understand that posts like this need to be specific, depending on the person/budget etc

    I would very much like to get into recording, though i don't want to start off too flash or anything. I'm just looking to have the ability to produce a decent quality recording.

    At the minute, i'm pretty ignorant towards recording. I use a Fostex VF-160, record the parts, and then record to mp3 by transferring the parts to a single stereo track in cubase by means of the headphone socket in the Fostex and the line-in of my old crappy pc. It's stupid i know.

    these are the results i get - http://www.myspace.com/thehypefoundation

    as you can see the records are shoddy as hell.

    Now, obviously i need better recordings. So let's just say i'm starting from scratch and i have £2000 ($2700?). What would you suggest i need to get myself a decent quality recording? As i said before i'm not looking for anything flash just yet, but something to bulid upon would be nice.

    I've done my research on microphones, and their placements etc etc

    all i need to know is what gear (think budget) i would need to get myself started

    are there any laptop computers that are good for recording? as i move about a bit.

    any help here would be appreciated, i accept the fact that i am very naive when it comes to this, but i do have willingness to learn.



  2. mud5150

    mud5150 Guest

    are you going to only be recording yourself or do you want to be able to record multiple instruments or a drum kit? what kind of music are you doing, you say your comp is crappy, how crappy, will you need to upgrade? do you have anything good mics, mic stands, explosive devices?
  3. Denzel85

    Denzel85 Guest

    i want to be able to record a drumkit yes, i'll be mainly using it for rock/pop music.

    as for the computer, i was thinking of buying a new one...in fact i was thinking of a portable laptop as i move around quite alot.

    i have access to quite a range of mics and stands etc so i'm pretty much covered there.

    what do you mean by explosive devices? that's my ignorance coming through again...


  4. xian

    xian Guest

    It goes something like this: instrument -> microphone -> pre-amp -> DAW -> monitors -> your ears.

    All of these parts are important, some more than others. A laptop with a firewire pre-amp should do the trick, although you could spend your entire budget on the laptop alone, they're expensive. I found it hard to find a good laptop for recording without spending at least $2000, add software and we're in the $2500 range. A decent firewire pre-amp interface will run you from $750 and onward. Check out the Alesis Multimix series of firewire mixers, they do a decent job and you can get a 16 channel for around $800. Personally, I own the Mackie Onyx 400f which is a very decent firewire pre-amp, it only has 4 pre-amps in it though so not quite suited for drum mic'ing. All in all I'm very happy with the 400f, it sounds beautiful and it's got built in DI switches on the first two channels, it's perfect for my needs. There's one out there for you too, you just gotta find it.
  5. Denzel85

    Denzel85 Guest

    thanks for the heads up xian, i'll be checking those mixers out

    i've been told that if i want to use a laptop for recording i need to look for these things:

    Hard drive spin speed of 5400 rpm +
    768mb of RAM
    1.5gHz processor or more

    do people agree?
  6. xian

    xian Guest

    I would set the bar a little higher if it were my money:

    (at least)
    HDD: 120GB 7200 RPM
    RAM: 1 GB
    CPU : P4 2.0 GHz

    HP makes some nice machines, I've always been adversed to them but a friend of mine has one and it preformes very well, quiet too.

    Another thing to think about is an extended warranty, I'd probably buy a 2 year one, laptops are very expensive to fix and tough if you want to do it yourself, they are also full of tiny little breakable plastic parts that always seem to cost $200 to replace.
  7. Denzel85

    Denzel85 Guest

    cheers again xian

    does anyone have any particular laptops they could recommend? what are the new apple macbooks like do you think?

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