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  1. audioplexus

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    Sorry about the confusion of z-stereo in previous topic
    I would like to know if any one ever used the K-stereo from Digi domain
    and it is worth the price £5000
  2. TotalSonic

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    Hi Chris -
    I've never used the K-Stereo box - and frankly I don't get much call for tweaking the stereo image in my work - although I have a few tools such as the Sonoris MS Codec and the SPL SX2 that can -
    but 5000 pounds is way too much for that box - as you can get it new direct from Digido for $3500 which checking current exchange rates is about 1850 pounds. Add a little bit for import duties and shipping and I think it's still substantially cheaper than the rate you quoted.

    Check out
    (Dead Link Removed)
    to get it direct.

    More info on the box at
    (Dead Link Removed)

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson
  3. audioplexus

    audioplexus Guest

    Thanks Steve

    A shop in London give me the price of £4895 with VAT (sale tax)
    and they do the import
    Even if I get it from digi domain the UK will charge my the VAT
    and import tax
    thanks for your help Steve
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    The K-Stereo box is pretty amazing for what it does. It is a one trick pony and definitely helps with opening up a sound more than traditional mid-side processing.

    I have used it for work with acoustic music where it is absolutely wonderful. In situations where you have true stereo micing and recording, it works wonders... When you're dealing with a multi-mono mic'd mix, it will bring out a bit of ambience, but really nowhere near as much.

    It is worth what digido sells it for, but for an extra 3000 pounds (even for import/VAT)? Seems to be a awful lot...


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