Keyboard through fender proreverb?

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  1. the keyboard player in my band plays mostly organ parts but his keyboard sounds terrible. Nothing like the 60s bands that we are trying to sound like. Then at practice i put him through my old Pro reverb which is like a twin and it sounded so good because of the breakup. im just using the 1/4 out from his keyboard to the amp and was wondering is this harmful to the keyboard or amp?
  2. dementedchord

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    May 11, 2006
    no real harm in this... the output of the keys is admitttedly hotter than a guitar but no big... that amp having no back will severly limit the bass response of the boards though...
  3. moonbaby

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    Feb 23, 2005
    Which vintage is this, a "silver-face" or a "black face"? The only thing that I would be concerned about as the owner of a nice vintage amp like that is the speakers holding up under the pounding of any bass notes and thick chording being played into the amp. If you have the original Oxford or Jensens in it (or even more modern guitar speakers), these weren't meant to be slammed by a signal like that, and you can easily ruin them.
    You might try unplugging the internal speakers and pumping the amp into a wider-range enclosure that can handle bass and top ends better, like a decent 1x15" PA enclosure. I have a '68 Bandmaster Reverb head and put it through a single Carvin PA cab like that when I want to pound my Roland through it, rather than guitar. That break-up is great, like you said, and the speakers can handle it much better. One warning: the output transformers in those amps are designed for a very specific load-4 or 8 ohms (it's stated on the back of the amp). Be sure to maintain that with the external speaker, or you'll be replacing that tranny soon.

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