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Discussion in 'Drums' started by loosegravel, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. loosegravel

    loosegravel Guest

    What do you guys prefer in terms of the lower end ($200-350) kick mics. Sennhieser E602, AKG d112, ATM25 (heard a lot about it on guitar but never kick, as its advertised for) and so on. In the market for one and just wanted to test the waters here.
  2. Kurt Foster

    Kurt Foster Distinguished Member

    Jul 2, 2002
    77 Sunset Lane.
    For a long time i have been a loyal dedicated user of the D112 for kicks, floor toms, bass amps and even distorted guitar tracks. However I was recently lent a D6 from Audix to check out and I am a convert. This thing sounds perfect without any EQ at all! They are a bit expensive but I think they are worth it. Try one, you'll like it!
  3. kinetic

    kinetic Guest

    I've used D112s, and Sennheiser 409s (look like a skinny version of a D112)on a regular basis. On occasion I've used Sennheiser 421s. But one mic I enjoyed using occasionally for kicks was a Sennheiser 441.
  4. quartermoonpro

    quartermoonpro Active Member

    Jul 29, 2003
    I personally like to use an EV RE-20 on kick. Gives you a nice bottom end and still the beater click as well. I personally don't like using a D112 much.. usually ends up sounding like a basketball type sound, but then again, depends on what you're going for. YMMV. Usually, mic selection depends a lot on what type of sound you're going for.
  5. heinz

    heinz Guest

    I alternate between 441, 421, or r121. Looking forward to deploying sub freq capture utilizing ns10 technology. :c:
  6. Bobby Loux

    Bobby Loux Active Member

    Jan 14, 2003
    I just took back my Beta52 today. I was getting a mid range "honk" sound that would not go away. I switched out my pre's from tubes, neves, mackie board, etc.. and couldnt get the tone I wanted.... I scooped out the mids, played with phase, choked out the kick, moved the mic all over the place to get the sound I was hearing in my room yet still not happy...

    well I echanged the beta52 for the Audix D-6 slapped it in my kick and it sounded great! no tinkering no more "honk" mid range. the D-6 is scooped across the mids and sounds very warm..I really dont like the term "night and day" differences, but this really did fit the description. I will be borrowing my friends D112 just to hear the difference on my kick in my room, but I suspect I'll be keeping the D6 unless the D112 floors me!

    i would look at the D6 if you can rent or borrow a few mics as I have to make the best decision thats right for you, your kit, and your room.

    good luck
  7. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Mar 4, 2001
    I go back 'n forth with the ATM-25 and M88.
  8. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    I have a few different kick mics that I switch between:

    AKG D112
    AKG D12e
    Superlux PRA218B

    I have never thought about using my 441 on a kick before, but I just might have to try it!

    Everywhere I go, I hear good things about the Audix D6, I am going to have to try that one too. I have a pair of D2's for toms, and they are really wonderful.
  9. dymaxian

    dymaxian Guest

    My band's drummer has a May system D112 built into his kit, so it's about an inch from the impact point. I usually have to scoop the mids out pretty harshly, but once I get it there, it sounds awesome.

    As far as kick sound goes, don't forget to use the reverse-wired speaker! There's a thread about it in here somewhere...

    Good luck!

  10. RecorderMan

    RecorderMan Distinguished Member

    Mar 28, 2001
  11. denial

    denial Guest

    No one kick mic will work on every kick drum so if you've got a few kick mics at your disposal then try them all out. It's surprising to find just how different they sound on different kicks.

    Lots of people hate the D112 but it sounds fantastic on our DW studio kit yet on the previous DW kit we had it sounded like arse.

    The Beyer M88 is a good tight sounding rock kick mic.
  12. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW
    ATM25......I have a 57 in my collection thats a very old uni-dyne model and it smokes a lot of 'kick-only' mics out there.Audix D6.Audix D4.Back in my 'pro' studio days I loved the Sennheiser MD409 for fast heavy rockin stuff.It never got muddy no matter how fast the drummer kicked it.
  13. Gregproaudio

    Gregproaudio Active Member

    May 21, 2003
    I like using a d112 and a md421 and mix the two. If I had to pick one I guess I would pick the 421.(At least this week)
  14. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    My buddy just picked up a Sennheiser 409 off of Ebay, and loaned it to me this weekend (I have a full-band session scheduled). He suggested that I try it on guitar cabs, but I might just stick it in the kick to give it a try there too!
  15. Davedog

    Davedog Distinguished Member

    Dec 10, 2001
    Pacific NW are gonna be really shocked by the MD409 on a speaker cabinet.Dont be afraid of getting it too close...It cant be done...If you have one of those real 'throaty/breathy' kind of singers, a tenor/baritone range like most of the rockers these days, try it on vocals. This thing will blow you away....A semi-secret underrated mic....well, the big pro guys have em....the new mic is the MD609 though I have not heard one, those in the know who have tried it claim theres a bump in the 2K range that is not as pleasing as the older 409's.Good luck and lets hear a report of your results......
  16. sign

    sign Guest

    One of the best kick mics is the AKG D12(E)
    It's the oldest too, 50 year!
  17. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    DD, we actually ended up using a D112 for the kick as the first mic out of the cabinet, and after trying a few different positions, we got such a good sound, we left it alone, so I really didn't get a chance to try the 409 on the kick. But trust me, I pulled it out of the mic closet at the very end there when I wasn't happy with the sound of the D112, but the very last placement choice with the D112 did the trick, so I put the 409 away.

    Tonight, we are adding the "real" guitars (last night was all scratch direct guitars), so I am planning on sticking the 409 on the Marshall cabinet and giving it a try. I am pretty picky about my guitar sound (I am a guitarist), and have been known to go thorugh several different mics for a given song until I find that "magic bullet" that fits the song/amp/player. I am anxious to give it a go however.

    Agreed!!! I picked one up recently, and have used it to great success. Not as "clicky" as the D112, a bit more "boomy" I would say...

    Well Han, it appears we have similar tastes in mics...MD441s and D12E's (among others).

  18. sign

    sign Guest

    Yo! a matter of good taste I guess! :D
  19. Doublehelix

    Doublehelix Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2001
    bummer! My buddy came and picked up his mics, and I have not had a chance to get the 409 back yet, but I hope to borrow it again for the Tuesday night session...

    Also, I did a quick search on Ebay...and there are no 409's to be found, but there are a few of the new 609's...
  20. ckerian

    ckerian Guest

    good luck finding em and if you do.. plan on paying at least 400 bucks EACH for em.

    I got 3 echolette branded md409's and they kick ass on Guitar and Toms. I'll try the kick too. havent used em on vox yet.

    a little known fact about the 409 is that's what was used for roger watters vox on "dark side of the moon".

    and I havent heard anything good about the e609's. for 99 bucks what can ya expect?

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