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  1. I realize after presenting this problem, I'm gonna walk away feeling lame, but I am out of time. I recieved a Tascam Us428 controller and I use FL Studio 5. I have done all the hookups and config. that I can see to do. The program is responding to all the commands from the controller, and outputs the signal to monitor but is not recording. It acts like it is recording but FL isnt recieving any audio
    All that has been done
    In Midi settings
    Remote control input -Tascam us428 controller
    Controler device -Tascam us428
    In Audio settings
    Output setting -Tascam us428

    In Sound and Audio devices in Windows control
    Everything is set to Tascam us428

    I armed the channel to record and pushed the record button in the transport panel. I set all the options in the recording options menu, and still no signal. It seems somewhere I am not sending the signal to the right area. Any ideas or support to fix this would be really nice and appreciated right now, cause I'm starting to believe that this controller is bad. Thanks for your time.
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    You have seen this page and are working from it, or have tried some of these things as they apply to you?
    video from Audix

    If I had to wag this one, I would say that if you checked in the Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager you are going to see a yellow exclamation on the USB Serial Bus Controllers.

    Hope that helps
  3. Space -thanks for the reply. Trial and error is what got this figured out. and it's really kinda stupid. In FL studio I could'nt find a input selector, so I started trying different things. In the audio settings in FL studio you get 3 options for the controller -1 Tascam Us-428 controller, 2 ASIO driver -US-428 16 bit, and 3 ASIO driver -US-428 24 bit. I didnt notice the US-428 on the ASIO driver and logically I choose #1. Wrong answer. I thought since it was recognized as Tascam us428 that that must be the driver. Well its not its the ASIO driver that brought it to life. Thanks again for the reply. Vocals seem to be kinda weak. Do you think a preamp is neccessary?
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    "Do you think a preamp is neccessary?"

    No matter what mic or what source, you need a preamp.

    Those XLR inputs on the Tascam should do (they seem like preamps) but might not have enough gain.

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