Kiwi or U99?

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by jeremyhillaryphd, May 13, 2001.

  1. Are both these designs based around a U67/87? If a U67 was refurbed would there really be that much difference between a U67 and an 87 because of the tube?
  2. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    I'd imagine the Kiwi is if anything closer to a C-12, since it uses BLUE's version of that capsule, the B6, wheras their B7 is supposed to be their Neumann recreation. However, it is solid state, unlike the C-12.

    And it's never just the tube. All the housekeeping, tube or solid state, does have an impact, and all things are never equal. I haven't directly compared a 67 to an 87 ever, but I don't believe I've heard anyone say they are particularly equivalent.

    The ideal is to find a pro audio dealer who will let you try both and buy the one that works for you. I don't know offhand if anyone carries both, though.

  3. I thought their B-6 was supposed to be closer to a KK67 capsule, and the B-0 was more like an even extended CK12, maybe somebody can clear this up. You know the whole thing about "let me try it out sounds like a pain in the ass for me (and my credit card) and the dealer" Usually if I ask around enough people can describe it thoroughly enough and compare it to classic gear or its attributes and they are dead on. I like to go with the dealer who has the best price, that to me is customer service, not something like a double warranty (I have yet to have a new product break in the first two years). Haven't been wrong yet with over $90K worth of purchase, so I am not worried about it at this point. If lots of people say the Kiwi sounds closest to a C12, I know that sound, if they say it sounds closest to a U87, I know that sound.
  4. Oh ya, I am not talking about guitar center or the like as a "dealer" either
  5. Bear's Gone Fission

    Bear's Gone Fission Active Member

    Jan 4, 2001
    I checked out the BLUEsite last night and thought the B6 was their modern vocal sound capsule, which I thought was their take on the C-12. I could be confused, but I do believe it's on the AKG side of the fence, and not their Neumann attempt. Read the capsule rundown in the Bottle Mic manual to get some impressions.

    [Now, a IMHO rant on dealer stuff, not ment to be a challenge, but just a perspective which is worth no more than what you paid for it.]

    My take on the PIA for the dealer, if you want service, you get that from a relationship with the dealer where the client will be elated to be doing all the buisness he can with a dealer who bent over backwards wo make sure the client was buying the items he/she needed. I know Mercenary does this, and that they'll go that extra distance has probably won them a lot of consistant buisness. I think on this sort of purchase there's a lot to be said for being sure you get what you really want and need, and not just a good deal.

    I don't advise using GC or even Sweetwater if you can help it, as neither really knows the stuff they sell in my experience, but I really don't know who's in the BLUE dealler network other than GC. If your'e buying the BLUE on price, you might be best off at GC, as their volume is what has kept BLUE running. There giving away Dragonfly's with an LA2A purchase last I heard, to give you an idea. So on price on a BLUE, good luck beating GC. Thankfully, it seems like BLUE will do the customer service w/o the middle-dweeb.

  6. atlasproaudio

    atlasproaudio Active Member

    Feb 17, 2001
    Tampa Bay, FL
    Home Page:

    Please give me a call if you get a chance, I would be happy to answer any questions you have about BLUE as we are authorized dealers.
  7. Scott Petito

    Scott Petito Guest

    Hi all ,

    with regard to the U87 to U 67 comparison ...they are altogether different beasts.. I have a vintage pair of each and the 67's are among the best vocal mics I have ever used. In fact the 87's which are fets, are no match for the 67's when it come to vocals. I find the the 87's almost harsh sounding compared to the 67's and 67's seem to suit both male and female singers well,(something i don't alway find even with 47's) All 4 of my mics are still original, including capsules.
    I believe I remember George Massenburg saying his favorite vocal mic was the U67.
    hope that helps,
  8. hargerst

    hargerst Distinguished Member

    Jan 28, 2001
    Al Schmitt's favorite vocal mic also happens to be the U67. Coincidence? I think not.
  9. bradmcgowan

    bradmcgowan Guest

    To answer the original poster's question, here's what David Bock sent me regarding the sound of the U99:

    >Thanks for contacting us. The U95 was >designed to be a unique sounding mic,
    >free of some of the design "errors" >commonly found in tube mics. The U99
    >however, was designed to be a modern, >more "open" U67. This was in response
    >to prototypes I had built for people here >in LA, and it conformed to my "no
    >NFB (negative fedback, as used in the >original U67) electonics" criteria.
    >The U95S was designed to fill the U47/M49 >void. I designed and built all of
    >them so you can say you got it right from >the horse's mouth.
    >David Bock
    >Soundelux Microphones

    I've never heard a U67 firsthand so I really can't compare it to the sound of a U99...but I am really happy with my U99.

  10. Dan Popp

    Dan Popp Active Member

    Feb 21, 2001
    Originally posted by Scott Petito:
    with regard to the U87 to U 67 comparison ...they are altogether different beasts.

    Dear Scott,
    Yes, I agree, although I find the U87 (with or without Stephen's mod) more useful for v/o than the 67. They are more "different" that one would expect. The '67 is more warm/full/plump/soft, and the '87 is more hard/inyourface. If the original poster wants to hear a U67 vs. and ELAM 251, check out the Celine Dion/Barbra Streisand duet, "Tell Him." (Streisand is on the '67). When diva mics collide! :p

    Dan Popp
    Colors Audio
  11. Scott Petito

    Scott Petito Guest

    Hi Dan,
    good point I have found over the years the 87's to be more appropriate for V/o work.. and 67's for vocals I thought your discription of the two mics was pretty accurate.. with all that said they are both great mics


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