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    thats my equipment problem is i want to import all eight tracks at once and not 2by2 1.is there a way to do so with my optical in? 2. in going 2by2 am i better with rca or 1/4"
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    Nov 21, 2005
    I believe you may have no choice. The Audigy only has a stereo in analog, and possibly an S/PDIF. I think you may have no way to properly sync the two up for proper multiple transfers through what you have.

    You can transfer all of them in stereo, but they probably won't be in sync, and probably won't be lined up properly, if you are talking about running them from the portable DAWs outputs to the computer.

    Sound quality will likely suffer from that dump into the Audigy, and subsequent playback from it, also.

    I don't know how your unit works. Is there any way of transferring files over through an external hard drive or CD? May have some luck with doing that, and trying to line them up. Surely, there's a way to transfer files for backup? Is there some way of transferring a group of files so everything is in sync?

    The ads claim MTC and MMC sync, but I'm not sure those will sync up digital audio very well.

    If not, sounds like you may be stuck without buying some additional equipment. The transfer and backup capabilities are one of the drawbacks of some of those all-in-one boxes.

    Scour the manual thoroughly to look for methods. Google up some user forums, if any.

    Of course, maybe there is a method someone here knows of?


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