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    I recently purchased the padkontrol and cannot find ANY information on why I am unable to use the midi ports in order to interact with my Roland Sonic Cell. Any midi device connected to the Sonic Cell never has any issues sending/receiving midi data. The padkontrol works fine when in USB mode, but that really limits the unit if it ALWAYS has to be plugged into my computer with software that recognizes the USB midi connection.

    The manual is slightly vague about this, but it seems like you MUST have the optional AC Adaptor (which is conveniently non existant, I have never found a place to buy the adaptor and I also cannot find a standard adaptor that has the same specs as this so called optional adaptor).

    Could it be a defect with the unit itself? Does anyone else have the padkontrol and is able to use the midi out to control other devices without needing the adaptor?
  2. moisiss

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    I could be completely wrong, but I think you do have to buy the AC adapter to use the padkontrol with anything other than the USB connection. Otherwise, how would it get power (I've always just hooked mine up to my computer)?
  3. Codemonkey

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Probably true, but his point is that you can't find/buy the AC adapter.
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