KORG TP-2, Any initial reactions?

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    Hi, rather than just putting a link (no content) here, to help our readers or search engine find this thread I think we're safe to always put an excerpt to something and give credit to the writer or publisher of an article.

    Korg.com writes:

    In this era of digital audio, more and more musicians, engineers and producers are longing for the warm, full-bodied sound produced by vacuum tubes. Say hello to the all-new TP-2. In one rugged and compact unit, the TP-2 combines a dual channel tube preamp, optical compression and digital outputs ñ a total solution for your demanding audio applications.

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    Hmmm... Tubes, 9-volt power adaptor.

    Tubes, 9-volt power adaptor.

    Tubes, 9-volt power adaptor.

    Well, you sure won't need to change the tubes very often.
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    Considering it is both from Korg and derived from the tube circuit/sound used in the Triton Extreme, I have very low expectations. 9V and table top in size almost always equals junk.
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