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  1. I've been mixong off $150 headphones for a while now because of how tight money's been. I really really need a set of monitors that are actually gonna be beneficial to my mixing, not just a $100 pair of m-audio's or something.

    Musician's friend has a sale right now on the Rokit line of KRK monitors.

    The RP-5 is 99.99 (was 149.99) a pair would cost me $200.....

    The RP-6 is 149.99 (was 199.99) each

    and the RP-8 is 199.99 (was 249.99) each

    I was looking into the RP-5 to begin with, but now the RP-6's are the same price the RP-5's used to be as a pair. I am thinking about the RP-6 but what size is gonna be most beneficial for my room. I'm only gonna be using them in a normal sized bedroom. Would the 5" be good enough or should I go for the 6". Some reviews say the bass response is better on the RP-6.

    Should I look into different monitors for this price is another thing i'm wondering. Hoping I can get some useful help before this deal goes away. thanks
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    Sep 26, 2005
    I like all of my big old JBL's. All five pairs of them. Then I heard a pair of KRK's back in the early nineties. I really liked what I heard. I've purchased a couple pairs of Tannoy's that I ended up returning. I initially liked them but they really didn't have any balls. I don't have any but I wanted my speakers to have them. A couple of years later I got a pair of KRK RoKit's, which reside in the bedroom system, along with my Internet Puter. Last year, I got a pair of RP5's (yeah, at 300 bucks for the pair). Love them! They sound huge on top of my old JBL's in the control room. I wouldn't even use a Sub Woofer with them. I like them up. Neat. Like my single malt Scotch.

    I also have one pair of The GLENLIVET's.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    See if they have any KRK V series IIs, also now superseded - they are so much better sounding than the RPs (Rokits).
  4. I will look into the V series as well.

    So I wouldn't be making a mistake with KRK though correct. Also remyrad, would you receomend I stick with the 5" or 6? I wouldn't be using them along side any other monitors...

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