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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by DJ FADE, Jun 23, 2005.

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    I'm pretty sure that I want to go with a pair of KRK's V series for my new monitors, but I'm wondering what the difference is between series 1 and series 2. There are 2 pairs of V8's on ebay right now, they don't appear to be series 2, but right now they're under $400 for a PAIR - a steal. How much better off would I be purchasing a new set of series 2's, and is it worth the extra $400-$500 dollars?

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    Check out , one of our KRK supporting RO dealers. They just landed KRK and may have an RO member special, or more info on this subject to help.

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    The biggest difference I noticed about the new series (2) is the clarity. I also run the series 1 v8's in my studio and I think they're great, although I have to admit that the series 2 provides much more detail and clarity. It's kind of unnerving at first until you realize how much of a help it is during mixing time. In my opinion it's worth it to get some are going to get the KRK warranty and they have great customer service. These monitors will last you for a long time so it's good to know that you will have KRK behind you down the road.

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