Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by silent_nick, Jul 30, 2003.

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  1. silent_nick

    silent_nick Guest

    For my band's studio I was planning on buying approximately 5 good ($500 and up) vocal microphones, spending 2-3 weeks testing them to find out which one would be best for our singer's voice, keeping that one, and returning the rest. Then I found out that stores don't let you return microphones because of health issues. So I have to choose one and hope to get lucky.

    I was leaning towards the Shure KSM44. I like the fact that you can change the polar pattern. And Anne (singer) is used to singing into Shure mics, having always used 57's and 58's during gigs and rehearsals.

    What are people's experiences with the 44? Also, how does it compare to the KSM27. We recorded one thing with a friend's 27 and it sounded pretty good. I would guess that the 44 would only sound better....

    The Kris Special
  2. Hack

    Hack Active Member

    Mar 20, 2001
    Little Rock, AR
    I like all the KSM series. But I have never used them for vocals, I always use them for room or overheads. The only difference between the 27 and the 44, I think, is the changable patterns. You might see if there is a studio or sound company near you that has a good collection of mics that you could rent or just check out there.
  3. helguz

    helguz Guest

    I think that KSM 32 is the same as KSM 44, but that you don't have the changable patterns.

    KSM 27 is a simplear version of KSM 32.
  4. Guest

    First of all the 32 has a completely different capsule - it is not a large diaphragm mic like the others.

    Secondly, who told you it was illegal to return mics? I've heard others say this, but I wonder if it is just something sales weasels are instructed to say by their bosses to discourage exactly what you are trying to do.

    All I know is, I' ve bought and returned mics at all kinds of stores, and no one ever told me it was illegal. As a matter of fact, I specifically returned a KSM44 to Guitar Center once.
    It may be true with swimsuits, but I think someone is lying about mics.

    I haven't tried the 27, but I found the 32 and 44 to be a little boring on lead vocals. Not much personality. They might work a lot better on other sources.
  5. Rod Gervais

    Rod Gervais Active Member

    Jun 8, 2003
    Central Village, CT
    Home Page:
    LD - i know we can return mics around here - but here isn't cali - maybe in cali they have more problems with health related microphone epidemics than we do in new englang.........

    Personally - i would find it hard to believe because most music stores have floor models for sampling purposes.


    I would suggest that you verify that with the local health department.

    Happy Hunting

    And LD - nice to see you today - i miss our little chats.........

    Take care buddy,

  6. jake_eskedal

    jake_eskedal Guest

    Picked up a ksm 44 a few months ago. Really happy with it, although I don't have a lot to compare it too, it being the first major mic purchase we've made. Bought it becuase of recomendations from RO members. I've also heard wonders about the C3 by Studio Projects.
  7. sdevino

    sdevino Active Member

    Mar 31, 2002
    9 out of 10 projects around here the KSM44 wins over the U87. Especially for male vox.

  8. GT3

    GT3 Guest

    The 44, 32, and 27 are all different sounding from one another. The 27 is not like the 44 at all. The 32 is just barely not a large diaphragm; it's a little over 3/4 of an inch I think. I have also had the same experience with the 44 and 32 versus the U87ai.
  9. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2003
    Kansas City, KS
    Home Page:
    Also, the KSM137 pencil mic has the same diaphragm as the KSM32. If you need the same top end response, but in a pencil, then that is the way to go.

    I like the KSM's myself. I would not say that they are THE money mic. But they are very good.
  10. golli

    golli Active Member

    Apr 17, 2003
    I read somhwere that the KSM32 was externally polarized and not a "true condencer".
    But the KSM44 and 27 were internally poalarized and true condencers.
    But my grasp of the English language, hinders me from fully understand all this electronic info :confused: .
  11. sheet

    sheet Well-Known Member

    May 28, 2003
    Kansas City, KS
    Home Page:
    All condensers require that the backplate be charged ("externally polarized") by phantom power, unless they have an internal source, such as a battery. None of the KSM's have a battery option. I don't know an example of what a non "true condenser" would be. Either it requires a charge or it doesn't.
  12. silent_nick

    silent_nick Guest

    upon checking with Musician's Friend I realized that the "no return on microphones" policy is only a California thing. So if I do it with Musician's Friend I can return them. So I'm back to my original plan of buying 5 or so mics, testing them, and returning all but one. I think these are my choices:

    Shure KSM44
    AKG C414 (is the TL-II model much better than the regular one?)
    BLUE Blueberry
    BLUE Dragonfly
    Rode NTK

    Should I add anything to this list? I was also thinking of the GT55 or 56, and a friend recommended the MXL V77. I have another friend who's going to let me borrow his Neumann TLM 103 to check out and another one with a Rode Classic. My budget is $1000 and down.

    Also keep in mind that while we'll probably use it for other applications, the entire selling point is how well they sound on our singer's (a female) voice. For a sample of our singer's voice, check out http:// There's a cover of a Wilco song that we did. The vocals were recorded on a KSM27.

    The Kris Special
  13. Alécio Costa - Brazil

    Alécio Costa - Brazil Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2002
    Go for an At4050 or an At4040. I have C3000B´s, C2000B´s, GTs, etc. no comparison at all!
    I have never used the KSM 44, but the KSM 32 was nothing special to me.
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