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    Why do some display cards look better than others thru a KVM switcher? What "spec" should we look for in a display card when we know we want to use a KVM? ie: My Matrox G450 looks awful at 1280 X 1024 yet my Nvidia GeForce 2 "something or other" looks great. Why?
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Buddy...homey...WAZZZZ UP!!!!!!!! lol :D
    KVM switches...that would be a YAY!!
    The reason for your issues may stem from the cable you are using with the KVM. Some cables for some reason cause this. What type did you get? I typically recommend you get Belkin as they are the best and most widely used in the computer industry.
    I'm using the Belkin 4 way switcher and it works with my roomates Verto 128MB card just fine and my G550 as well as the cheapo built on AGP on my server machine. Let me know what cable you are using for this.
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    Hey Gary... Happy holidays and all That!!! Sorry I missed the Nuendo Users Group... I'll be there next time for sure.

    Here's the weird thing with my KVM. I don't know if they are Belkin or not but, they are pretty sweet, all molded together and barely 6 feet. I have the EXACT same cable and length from two machines. One has a Matrox G440 (in single head mode) and the other has a GeForce2 MX400. The Matrox looks like crap but, the GeForce looks sharp as heck! In yet another(V-Stack)machine I have a crappy $40 sis Display card and
    that doesn't look so hot at anything higher than 1024X768. I didn't think anything about that since it was $40 but, it made me wonder.

    If I didn't mention... Im talking about resolutions higher than 1024 X 768. At that rate all things are basically equal

    Do some cards "push more signal" than others? And if so, how can you figure it out prior to a purchase?
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    Cable length is not as much of affect as cable type, some cards, and some monitors use more outputs on the cable than others. A good Coax, heavily shielded monitor cable with all 15 pins in tact, and wired straight through is the way to go, cost for 6 ft. about $40 min.

    Some cards cannot function on a high refresh, or are limitted in memory, so yes, there is an obvious difference in quality between cards as far as their display over a certain resolution.


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