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Discussion in 'Computing' started by Doru, Mar 3, 2005.

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    Hello to everyone!

    I am basically a Mac - Pro Tools user.
    Recently I started to use the PC platform as well in my music projects. Acid 5.0 was the main reason!

    My laptop Toshiba SA40-23, P4 3.0, which is only 6 month old, works OK. Not more than that unfortunately and not god enough with Acid (or Fruty Loops which I also own).
    Just yesterday I did some tests with Acid 5.0
    To my disappointment, I've got lots of troubles trying some combinations between Audio and MIDI. Very unstable. For example, trying to run more then 1 Reaktor VST Instr. with Audio "draw" causes crashes, etc.
    So, I did the same test with my desktop Fujitsu Siemens, which now is in another rum and used mostly for Internet and such. I didn't care about optimizing, etc. the last couple of month. But everything is still so much more stable. No problems with the same test. The results:
    5 Reaktors + 1 Stylus RMX looping in real time and in sync with Acid, monitoring loops in real time, choosing and making new tracks on the fly, etc. works perfectly. The way it should be, really...
    Generally I feel much more confident when I use this computer.
    I red some comments about the newest laptops being as god as the desktop ones. I like this. I wont to be able to take my studio with me on the road.
    That's why I bought the Toshiba.
    But maybe I have to switch to a better laptop soon. ?
    Still I fell like my Toshiba should work better then this. Especially with "old, Windows only" apps. Someone with the same computer having those problems ? No ? Help?
    Could you recommend a real god laptop ?
    I just did the optimization found here:
    but with no look...
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