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Discussion in 'Computing' started by narval, Jul 29, 2003.

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    Hi there

    Im new in this forum, but i've seen that their are many gurus out there, and i could have some help of them.
    I have a laptop: P4 2.4, 352MB RAM, 30G HD WinXP Home running Cubase SX, with my M-Audio Duo.

    I would like to start recording rock bands with my laptop.

    So the idea was: Recording the drums with 8 mic's, and if possible a guitar and a bass via DI at the some time, routing in cubase the guitar and bass to Aux to the drummer's headphone, while recording.

    I've been cheking the net for equipment and their are many options of gear, but mostly very expencive. So i give an idea to start what i would like, and hopefully you respond with your knolege.
    The setup must be as portable possible, so i was thinking in a 2 rack gear: a Rack audio interface (firewire or PCMCIA) with 10 ins (2 of them could be XLR preamps) and 8 out's with adat in/out and a Rack AD 8 mic preamp with adat out.

    Another thing is, since the Hard drive of the laptop is 4200 RPM, if i get and firewire 7200 RPM 8Mb is going to resolve anything in the record stage and in the mix.

    If not asking to much, could you advice some 8 mic kit drum for a good price (like SM57....D112)
    and a versatil vocal mic (perhaps C1)

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