Laptop for Soft Synth AND DAW Recording?

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  1. Hey everyone! New to the forum, so I thought I'd lob a softball out there...

    ...or not...

    I currently have an HP running Sonar 4 and a Soundblaster Live card with SPDIF RCA ins and outs. I use Soundfonts, Soft Synths, and Sonar and send the signal out to my Tascam TMD_1000 and then back in to the SB Live. I then set the SBLIVE to record "What You Hear" and get the entire computer set up, soft synths and all, recorded via Sound Forge.

    Am I crazy to think I can duplicate this set up, or make it even better, with a laptop? I wanna be able to create music on the road, using soft synths and soundfonts, etc. And then when I get home, hook it up to the TMD, run it back into the laptop, and do computer based recording.

    If it's possible, what do you think I need? I'm ready to buy a new laptop and interface, but not sure what'll work.

    Any clues? Thanks!
  2. fumoffu

    fumoffu Guest

    sure it'll work...
    i have a dell laptop with an m-audio firewire 410. it works great w/ cubase 2, the grand, sampletanks, and other vst's (since I mainly use vsts)
    if u need more than 2 channels, you can always hook up ur tascam to ur m-audio.
    or get a better interface w/ many ins.

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