latency and montoring problem

Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jimmyt12, Apr 23, 2005.

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    got my new daw built and hardware installed. there seems to be a delay in what i am inputing and what is being monitored. Does any body know how to setup a motu 24I/O so I can use two of the outputs as my master outs to send a left and a right to my power amp and event 20/20v2's. Does anybody know why there is the delay or how to fix it. all help and advice would be appreciated. I don't know exactly how to set up the 24 ins to match up with the nuendo 2. i am using. can anbody tell me if it is better to run raid 0 for my hd's or use them seperate.any tips on my daw/good parts or not. anything helps

    thermaltake va 3000
    pent4 650 3.4 2mb cache
    asus p5ad2-e mobo
    xfx nvidia geforce 6600gt vidcard
    antec 550wt trucontrol pwr supply
    corsair xms2 1gig [512 x2 dual channel]
    sony dual layer dvd/rw
    sony sdm-sp4 19" lcd monitor x2
    wd 160gig sata hd's x2
    wd 120hd ext hd
    motu pci 424
    motu 24 I/O
    alesis rs-150 pwr amp
    event 20/20v2 referance monitors
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    Apr 7, 2001
    Basically you need to change the buffer size in the PCI 324 control panel to allow the data to stream faster. The lower the buffer size the lower the latency. Now mind you when mixing or when using multiple tracks you will need to increase the buffer size to be able to handle all the information properly.

    MOTU has the Cue Mix software in which will allow you to monitor with zero latency. Please refer to the manual from MOTU on that.

    Nuendo you will need to set up direct monitoring.

    Multiple output routing can be done via the cue mix software from MOTU. Nuendo can only utilize on stereo output at a time(which we have been yelling at them to allow for quite some time now!)

    Hope that helps some


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