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Discussion in 'Converters / Interfaces' started by jibz, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. jibz

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    I'm using Nuendo V2.2 and I'm experiencing latency problems while recording. I'm using an M-audio quattro USB Interface. The latency doesn't occur while I'm tracking (as I use direct monitoring), but it occurs where Nuendo places the wave file. It appears to be slightly late....I'm not sure by how much, but enough to create a flam on every downbeat. It's becoming quite bothersome, and I find it difficult to get parts tight as they sound fine while I'm tracking, but then when I listen back....everythings slightly late. I could use some help here. Thanks.
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    I am wondering if the Direct playback is the issue, your hearing what your playing with no latency but your hearing the backing tracks latent, so when you play what your playing is off time with the backing tracks.

    not much of the work around, probally some more ram, and less tracks might help

    call m audio
  3. aztec

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    Hello, this bug is fixed in v3.1 as far as i know of (i'm a cubase user though).

    What you can do is, count that latency using the audioloopback test, i had the same problem last year and this fixed it for me, loads of ppl have the same prob but they dont really notice or record hehe,


    Follow the details there, they show up when you open the cpr, then add that audio offset in the device panel ex-40 samples,-400 samples etc. That's it

    Take care
  4. jibz

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    thanks, guys. i will try that link you sent to me tomorrow aztec.....i might need some help though if there's something i don't get so check this post if you have a chance tomorrow please (heheheh).....
  5. jibz

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    Hi aztec. I downloaded your link, but can't open the cpr as i'm using nuendo. is there the same type of thing with file extension npr? Or do you have any other suggestions. Thanks.
  6. aztec

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    Nuendo is able import sx files, maybe the problem is that the test was made with a higher version of cubase than v2.2, not sure about this cause i'm possitive that when i had this problem i was using v2.2, try to import the file...

    If you go to the device setup does your soundcard report different latency values for input and output ? Ex, 18ms in 36ms out. That's the main problem that causes the problem that you have.

    this is a paste from the cubase forum:

    "Audio recording offsets: We have cured a problem with ASIO drivers/devices using different input/output latencies. In previous versions this condition could lead to non latency-compensated audio recordings. This won´t longer happen with version 3.1!

    Please note that Cubase is compensating the used latency based on what the ASIO driver is reporting to the application. Any additional latencies introduced by the driver or hardware itself which is not reported and therefore unknown for the application can´t be compensated as a matter of fact! In case you still experience problems in this section use the "Record Placement Offset" in >Devices >Device Setup... >VST Audiobay >Expert or get in contact with the manufacturer of your audio hardware for a driver update."

    Ask the support @ the nuendo forum if there is similar test for nuendo
  7. jibz

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    Hi, Aztec. I opened the loopback test file in Nuendo. I don't get the instructions though. I see the 2 audio tracks (input & output), and the marker track (where i assume those are the instructions as to what to do?). The audio comes out, I'm just not sure how to use in in order to determine the audio offset. As for my Input and Output latencies, the input latency is 41.587 ms and the output latency is 42.381 ms. Is there a problem there? Sorry 'bout all the novice quesstions, but i am pretty new to all of the techinical computer aspects. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S: After reading your post last night i was fooling around with the record Placement Offset in my VST Engine Expert Settings. I was playing around by ear and set it at 2000. Now, I tracked a couple of little test tracks, trying to be the most on beat as i can and it appears to have cleared up the problem dramatically. THe timing seems correct. But, I would still rather have the actual value that the test could provide, so that i know that everything is as locked up as it can be. Either way, hit me back with some help regarding the Loopback test if you could. Much appreciated.
  8. aztec

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    You need to do an audio loopback as the name implies, meaning route the channel that has that short bleep to an output and feed that output in an input, record that input in a separate channel.

    How you do that depends on your soundcard, if your soundcard can do a virtual loopback you can do it the software way, if not , you need to use cables to route out to in.

    See the difference between the initial track and the track you recorded, maximize both channels to max and count the difference in samples, then use that value in your audio offset panel. I'll go open the project in my pc cause i think there are directions there on how to perform the test.
  9. aztec

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    here we go...
    Sample Accuracy Check:

    This project is used to check the sample accuracy of your environment to secure that rerecorded tracks are perfectly in sync.
    This is done via a simple "Loopback" Test. That means, that an expressive signal is played back via a stereo-output of your soundcard directly into a stereo-input of the same or another soundcard. ( If you use Analog- or Digital-Mixer like the Yamaha 01x or Behringer DDX3216 then see below).

    As an expressive signal we use the file "Loopback_Test_Stereo_short.aif" on the track "Output". At 120 bpm it's 4 bars long and you'll notice a peak in the first bar at 10000 samples which were drawn in with the pencil tool. In addition you'll hear a cowbell which is very handy to find out by listening which signal is delayed (pan one track full to the left and the other one full to the right).

    Above you' ll see a possible result of a "Loopback" test. Click on the marker-track if it's not selected already and click right to the "2" ID in the Inspector to relocate the SPP (Song-Position-Pointer). Press and hold the "H" key on your computer-keyboard to zoom in until you can see the peak markers (Reference and Recorded) quite good.
    As you can see is the recorded peak in this example delayed by 11 samples and thus not sample-accurate. To compensate this goto the "Devices" menu and open the "Device Setup". The "Expert Settings" allow you to specify a "Record Placement Offset". A positive value will start the recording earlier, a negative value and the recording is delayed. The unit of the value is sample, so for our example we have to enter "11".

    The Test itself:
    To test your Setup, delete the red Event on the Track "Input"
    - Set the SPP to position 00:00:00.000
    - Secure that the Track "Output" is routed to an device that is connected to the device Input of Track "Input"
    - Secure that "Input" out is not routed to the same Output as the Track "Output", otherwise you'll have an endless loop
    - Record on track "Input"
    - Zoom in to find the peak for track "Input" and count the numbers of Samples it differs from the peak on track "Output"
    - Open the "Expert-Settings" and enter the number of samples in the "Record Placement Offset" field.
    - Redo this test to see if it's sample-accurate now.

    * Digital mixers like the Behringer DDX3216, Yamaha 01x, Spirit 328, .... have the option to route the Outputs from your Soundcard back to the Inputs via internal routings (Record-bus). There's no need to make any physical connections.
  10. jibz

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    thanks aztec, i will try it and see what happens. just need to figure out how to do the routing, but i understand the theory behind it. keep you posted. much appreciated.
  11. jibz

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    Well, I did the test and funny enough, i was fooling around with my record placement offset by ear yesterday night and I had changed it to 2000. this morning i tweaked it a bit and arrived at 1740. now the results on the loopback test gave me 1740......awesome....i just tracked some things and things are finally working out. thanks so much for all the was really usefull........this is the first time someone has taken the time to help me on one of these forums. thanks for being so patient and proficient. :D
  12. aztec

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    Glad i could help jibz and that nuendo works fine for you now. :D

    To be honest, i visit loads of boards and this one of my favourites, especially for techtalk, most people here know what they're talking about :) (i also try to maintain 2 basic sites myself).

    Take care
  13. jibz

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    cool, take care. we'll be in touch. and thanks again.

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