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    I have just change my converters from a Tascams 1884 to and Aurora 8(with PT card) through a Digi HD1 Core PCI running from a magma 4 slot PCI to PcI e. I recorded flawlessly on my 1884 with out any latency at all. my chain being a simple one, mic-pre-tascam-daw-tascam.
    Now I use the tascam as a standalone mixer and controller for the cubase and the pt 8(HUI) while I use the digi core driver. What I am experiencing is a huge latency on the cubase 5 when monitoring input signals. I have changed the buffer size, but it doesn't do the trick.
    I wanna be able to use the digi core driver on cubase, because if I have to change to the tacams, I will have to reroute a lot of wiring.
    The PT8 works good with out any latency. Its eating my mind. I love the cubase, and I have adopted PT to compete on the market, as clients call for it.
    thanks for you time!!
    Mac 2.8(harpertown) 10g ram, Leopard (latest), Cubase 5, Pt 8, FW 1884 controller, Aurora 8(PT HD)digi link cable(12ft), Digi HD1 PCI on magma. Using INsert/send one click trick from tascam to Aurora 8, Presouns Central Station monitoring coming from Aurora analog out to CSta, out to Events studio precision 6".
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