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  1. Hi, everyone.

    I have been considering an 001 purchase for awhile now. I would have to buy a new Mac, plus all the fixin's.

    My question is this:
    I have never tracked through a DAW before (well, I guess I have tracked with a TDM system...) and I am really concerned about latency. Perhaps if I recorded with an 001 one time, I would no longer be worried--but since I haven't...
    I definitely need 24 tracks, and I'll be bringing projects home that were started in a commercial facility on a TDM rig (and I'll take my completed stuff back there to mix). Should I be worried at all? Should I even give pause?? (pun intended, unfortunately).

    Just need some info here before jumping in head-first. If I do the DAW thing, it's gonna be the 001--compatibility will be a big issue for me.

    The best machine I can afford is the G4 733MHz--I'll be using 24 tracks--will be I be able to use anyplug-insand avoid all latency??

    Thanks, crew.

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    Oct 6, 2000
    Santa Clarita, CA USA
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    You can get the latency down to about 3-5ms on an 001. You can also use their low latency mode if you don't mind having no effects on the monitored signal.

    The simplest way to avoid the whole latency issue is to monitor through an external, analog mixer. Even a little Mackie 1202 or cheap Behringer will do as it's only for monitoring.

    This assumes, of course, that you have an external mic preamp or other outboard device where you can split the signal coming in: one leg going to the 001 and the other to a mixer input. Then just run your main 001 outputs to two channels in the mixer and monitor from there.

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