Lavry Black MP10 and Royer 122 for acoustic guitar

Discussion in 'Guitars' started by audiokid, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Finally time to start getting to know my new studio.

    I recorded acoustic guitar with Royer 122's (so nice) into a FireFace 800. Used the stock FF pre's and have been pretty impressed with it. After a few hours I decided to bypass the Fireface mic pre's and use a Lavry MP10. WOW! amazing. The sound was so clean ( in a good way) faster than I've ever experienced and so articulate. Just beautiful. I couldn't help but share this and give a good plug for Lavry MP10 mic pre. I'm very impressed.
  • Royer ribbon microphones - Why?

    Simply put, when you put a quality ribbon mic on an instrument, voice, or other sound source, what you hear on playback is closer to real sound in nature than with any other kind of microphone.

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