Lawyer: Ripping MP3s Illegal, Grounds for Lawsuit

Discussion in 'Recording' started by bwmac, Jan 4, 2008.

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    The Recording Industry Association of America, the Big Four record companies' lobbying arm and primary legal weapon, considers the copying of songs from your own CDs to your own computer, for your own personal use, to be just as illegal as posting them online.

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    BW, there's more to the story.
    We discussed this a bit a few days ago when the WP ran it:

    (Dead Link Removed)

    ...out of a quoted 2,000 files, they are being sued over a total of 54.
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    Thanks (bent) for the heads up and sorry for not noticing it. I'm getting old :(
    oh well, did you see this one
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    Dude, this is BEAUTIFUL (Yes, Remy - all caps, and bold)!
    I just noticed it's almost 5 years old, but...

    Todd Rundgren says:
    Period. End of sentence.

    You rock BW! That is an awesome link!

    BTW, you're in Canada, correct?

    PLEASE, tell me you guys know better than to pay attention to ANYTHING you read, watch, or hear on Faux news? :wink:
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    Yes I know what you mean about beating a dead horse

    Ya good day eh as we canucks say

    Oh sure, rub in the old guy thing, LOL

    Just to be really clear, though, I never share music over the net unless its my originals. just google [bwmac] and you will see what I mean.

    please dont judge my recording, as most of my improvment has been in the past year. I'm still learning and upgradeing equipment.
    My newest work can be heard here

    link removed

    though I should have spent more time on fixing some of the vox,
    I was in a hury to check out the manufacture.
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    Not rubbing in the old guy thing, at what point do we become 'old guys' anyway? I'm pretty sure I'm there... Just ask my kids.

    "It's A Nothing Day" - Cool tune, I'll check out some more later.
    Diggin' the solo!
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    Thanks Ben, thats one that should of had another verse. Oh well
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    Right, and its against the law to spit on the pavement, cheat on your taxes, cross the street against the light, oral sex in some states, speeding, smoking pot, being an honest politician in Washington DC (that's not illegal but what politician is honest?), drinking or drunk in public, menstruating without a license.

    Desperate people do desperate things and it's obvious that the RIAA (Really In An Avalanche? Restricting Inconsequential American Audio? Receiving Illegal Audio Always? Recording Immaculate Audio Automatically? Really Idiotic Angry Attorneys?) Artists are artists, because they are artists. Businessmen just want all of your money. And they'll kill you to get it. I mean like who's really upset about ripping off Michael Jackson? The rich will continually get richer. The poor will continually get poorer. Thanks to the RIAA. I've never known any buddy who's made one lousy cent, from any royalties paid, on any independently produced recording, ever. So just who does the RIAA benefit? Michael Jackson.

    I live a risky life and always will.
    Ms. Remy Ann David
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    They should make a law that requires couples to have a "Kid License" because lord knows theres enough people that shouldn't have kids.

    Just throwing it out. :D
  10. Oral sex is against the law??????.....lock me up, with women please.
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    dhats It ef Orlal thex ith agenths tda law Im fu88ed
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    I can't write what I want to here, so I'll just post:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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