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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by NeedlessKane, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. NeedlessKane

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    Hello everyone. My band is trying to record with a Layla20 and Samplitude. We have a P4 3.0ghz running WinXP. I have some very very basic questions about the Layla, because my band is running into some problems.

    I've done research to no avail, read the Layla20 manual 30 times, to no avail, so I thought that I'd stop here and see if any pros could help me out.

    The biggest problem we have now is that when we record, it's only in mono, coming out the left speaker. How can you record a track and have it in stereo? In Samplitude when I select a recording device for track 1, it says Layla 1/2, so do inputs 1 & 2 equate for 1 stereo track in the recording program? Or can you get stereo from just 1 input? I bought the Layla under the impression that each input could be used on a seperate channel, but it seems that i was wrong. That's not really a big issue, If I could just get my recordings to be in stereo so sound comes out both speakers it'd be a great first step. I'm not even looking for true stereo, just sound coming out both speakers.

    Sorry in advance for the stupid questions, but I really need help.

  2. Big_D

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    Aug 21, 2004
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    Check your pan control in Samplitude. Input 1 (or any input for that matter) can be panned left, right or center (both left and right).
  3. NeedlessKane

    NeedlessKane Guest

    Ok i'll look for that, I'm pretty sure it's set to centered but i'll double check it.

  4. sseverett

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    I’ve been using a Layla 20 for a few years and found it to do a nice job but it's not very flexible. (just upgraded to a RME FireFace) With Layla (at least using it with Sonar 2) you are working with 2 outputs; a left and a right. If you plug an instrument into input 1 it is monitored on the left channel (comes out the left channel all the time). If you plug another instrument into input 2 it is monitored on the right channel. As you keep adding inputs they come out left or right, that’s it. (3=left, 4=right, 5=left, 6=right and so on) you don’t have a choice in this; you can’t pan the monitored signal. (you can switch the cables but that changes all the inputs) At least Sonar only allowed me 1 output drivers (1\2 left and right).
    Once you record the track you have a lot of options. You can raise and lower the volume, pan left or right, or put it in the center. If you want stereo double the track and use some kind of plug-in to simulate stereo. I prefer to record in stereo so I use 2 mics and plug one in 1 and 1 in 2. Do not have anything else plugged into any of the other inputs or it will confuse you trying to set up your stereo mics. (remember all inputs are monitored all the time on output 1\2 even on playback) Once you have the stereo mics setup add your other mics and record. Once recorded don’t forget to pan one side of the stereo left and one right.
  5. maxmex

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    Well, I have exactly the same setup...and there are a few things to check:

    - Open the layla mixer and make sure your pan controls are hard left and hard right, and do this with every input...take a look at the next pic...,1311,i=48589,00.jpg

    This is the standard echo audio mixer, so, if you see the right side, you'll see this little button "A 1-2", in the case of the above pic there's only one, but in a Layla mixer you'll find 5 of those. So press each one of those buttons and make sure you pan hard left and right each of your pan controls, because each one is independent.

    - When you record with samplitude you can right click each "REC" button at your VIP project and select the input source (Layla 1-2, 3-4...etc) but you also need to select if you want Samplitude to record in "Mono", or "Stereo" or just the "Left" or "Right Channel" this is another good point to check.

    I can explain this to you in detail if you want to...just add me to your contact list...
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