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Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by My_Broken_Jenna_Tuls, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Hey guys i'm kind of a noob but i was wondering if theres anyway to record into sonar with the eight inputs from my layla24 and monitor thru my other soundcard? is this even possible?

    thanks for the help
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    You need to have the connection wire from the layla to the layal soundcard or PCMCIA laptop card. The connection wire is very proprietary. It is how Layla talkes to the sound card, patches inputs and outputs etc..

  3. i dont know if you understand what i was trying to ask. All I am wondering is if i can record using my layla inputs while monitoring through another soundcard that i have installed. hope this clears things up... i dont know that it is possible but i was just curious
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    Just sending an output from Layla to your other soundcard? I don't see why not. All you have to do is patch 1-2 out for stereo and then use a TRS from the layla to a TRS input on you card. I guess then you would have a stero out from the layla to listen on another source. You probably could take the monitor out as a stereo out and then directly into your soundcard. You would have to watch not to get too much signal. The monitor out is powered. I run the outpu 1-2 as a stereo and patch it into an amp for monitors. Seems to work fine.
  5. Let me clarify once again. I am not trying to take the outputs from the layla and send it to the input of another sound card. I have a computer with a Lalya24 as well as another decent soundcard. What i am wanting to know..... is whether i can monitor the output from the other soundcard.... instead of using the Layla to monitor. So i will be recording via the Layla into Sonar, BUT monitoring this through the other sound card. Like i said, i don't know that this is possible, i am only curious. So if anyone knows... would you please pass on some info?

    Thanks again
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    It all depends on your software. With Cubase it is possible to set it up this way but it can compromise your stability. Sync may be out. If you happen to be using Cubase go to start menu/programs/steinberg mme settings/advanced tab and set your output as the SB or AC97 card. I don't know how to do this in any other software or if it is even possible.

    When it comes down to it though you really need to get yourself a decent pair of monitors and use your Layla card as your soundcard.
  7. haha finally someone understood what i was talking about! haha well thank you hueseph. ya i am wanting to save up for some monitors, but i was just wondering if it was possible to go this route for the time being because i dont have the funds for monitors right now. going to college puts a dent in the pocket!! Thanks alot
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