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  1. born2suffer

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    HI guys .. I just got into learning some solos.. but I do not want to repeat the same boring exersizes endlessly..

    What would rather interest me if you could post some easy solos directly into the forum,I'm bored of hearing that this and that solo are easy but the I have to look for them.. Just post the Tab into the forum..

    Here is my turn with a part of the solo for Death - Philosopher,I find this part easy enough to learn and it sound cool...

    e 12 13 17 13 12 B 12 13 14 15 13 12 12 13 15 13 12 G 14 14 14 10 9

    So now please your suggestions ..

  2. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    sorry .. the frickin thing didn't work the way it should .. i'll post it later again
  3. Um, do you mean solos from other people's work or doing your own lead rides? Just curious...
  4. born2suffer

    born2suffer Guest

    I mean whatever solos,not just exersizes,can help me get better,faster,or those that just sound nice and are easy to play at the same time .. even your own compositions .. just cool solo stuff
  5. Rider

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    i love death!!! especially before the solo kicks in, real pumping riff.

    for leads, find a band you like, guitartabs.cc or mxtabs.net and look em up.

    children of bodom has some pretty easy slow stuff.
    might be able to find some stuff in cradle of filth.
    avenged sevenfold should be pretty easy.
    black sabbath definitely is worth looking into.
    iron maiden basic riffs.
    metallica has a unique style but fun to play.

    but honestly, youre not gonna get good by doing other peoples leads. it can help learn the basics. track down (or use a tape recorder, whatever floats your boat) a simple progression, then just play to it.

    you dont just play note for note, you feel the next note. just start out slow (like blues) and figure out where you want to go next. once you can handle that, pick up the pace. whatever pops into your head play it.

    though i will say if theres a band that is pretty close to your style, it is worth studying it, because itll give you ideas.
  6. Tez-Petrucci

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    Your very lazy, asking other people to post tabs. Get off your ass and do some work. Always be working on your craft. That way you might actually do something beyond waiting around for people to do the hard work for you.

    No. Go and find them.

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