Learning MIDI: SR-16 to TASCAM 2488

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  1. Any help from someone experienced with MIDI would be appreciated! I've got an Alesis SR16 and a TASCAM 2488. I'm just learning about MIDI and I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to spread the drum kit to different channels on the TASCAM for recording. The stereo outputs to 2 tracks is easy, but I'd like to be able to manipulate kick, snare, etc separately during mixdown.

    I'm guessing this is probably basic, but I've never used MIDI before. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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    This has nothing to do with MIDI.

    If you want to do this with stuff you've already recorded, it can't be done. But you can get what if you record it separated.

    The SR-16 has two sets of stereo outputs and you can route all of the drumkit sounds to any of these outputs.

    On the SR-16 press the DrumSet button.
    Hit the pad for your kick drum.
    Go to page 7 and pres the inc/dec button so that the ouput is set to AUX.
    Go to Page 4 and set the panning hard left, which is 1.

    Save the kit.

    Do the same for the snare except set the panning to hard right, which is 7.

    Save the kit.

    Now when you record your drums and connect the SR-16 to the tascam, the main outs on the SR-16 will be all of your drum sounds except the kick and snare and the AUX out left will be the kick drum and the AUX out right will be the snare drum.

    With this setup you will be able to record the kick and snare on their own channels allowing you modify them without affecting the rest of the drum kit.
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