Lefty- 'I know what you say' 4-track recording in warehouse, live.

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    Here's one for the kids! All the way from 2012. An old band of mines tunes, when the fellas were putting it together. 414 OH, nady Kik mic, 57s gtr, vox 414-manly tube-1176 (overdubbed). We were in this big 40x50 ish office style room in some un-rented warehouse a buddy was renting. We had a crappy pearl kit. This was fun. Couple drinks and smokes and jamming late into the night. We cut 12 or so tunes maybe 8 lol. I didn't play in this one just tracked it. Had some small jbl Lsr's on the floor and some akg 240s for reference monitoring. The warehouse was torn down shortly after this. There's a strange air in this one. enjoy.

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jtam4rnfbqlxlqx/lefty-i know what youd say.wav?dl=0

    (16bit .wav)

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