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    so i have the standars protools le on my mac and i am used to messing around with a graphic EQ like in adobe audition/cool edit pro. i have tried messing around with the 4 band eq on here but i can really figure it out. normally i see that i have lows on one end and the hi on the other end. just kinda confused..
  2. logamos2001

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  3. Dave62

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    The standard Protools 4 band EQ has a hi and low shelf and two parametric EQ's that cover the whole spectrum. Push the gain up on one of the middle two and listen when you move the frequency slider around. These EQ's are quite old in design and are not as good as some third party plugins, however, there is a free 7 band EQ download from DIGi called EQ 3 that is more like other EQ's, it has 5 parametrics that are limited in range with some overlap, plus a hi and low pass that can also be switched to notch. It also has a graphical display that shows what you are doing and you can grab the handles in the display and move it around. Sounds WAY better than their original EQ's. Did I mention its free!!
  4. Costy

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    Hey, Dave,
    I saw the EQ3, and it seems a nice plug. I've downloaded it from
    digidesign web, installed (Mac G5 OSX, PT LE). But this thing does
    not appear in the plug-in list, not even afrer re-starting Mac. Did
    you (or anyone) actualy made the EQ3 work ?
  5. logamos2001

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    DAMN its onyl for people using 6.7 o higher! i only have 6.4! what should i do? any other places where i can ghet a better eq?
  6. chriscavell

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    It was only tested on 6.7 and higher. There have been NO reports that I know of with it not working on 6.4.
  7. logamos2001

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    WOW COOL! ill go try it!
  8. JamesG

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    I've been using EQ3 on my mbox running 6.4 and my 001 running 6.0.1 yes 6.0.1 it works perfectly fine.
  9. logamos2001

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    I KNOW!! its GREAT! thanks a lot!
  10. Costy

    Costy Guest

    I made it work. Maybe previous time it was a glitch in download or
    something. A nice EQ plug...
  11. jonnyc

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    Apr 21, 2005
    the new eq3 will work with 6.7 and it blows away the eq2 its almost not even a contest.
  12. sdelsolray

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    Jul 5, 2003
    Portland, OR
    EQ III is mono or dual mono only, not stereo. It doesn't show up in the stereo listings, only the mono listings. Still, it works as a dual mono plug on a stereo master fader insert.

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