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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by robbyc23, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Was that an informative topic, or what?

    Anyway, I'm currently using a Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24 desk going into an Alesis HD24, using the direct out/returns on each channel.
    Now, this is wonderful except for the fact that when the desk is overdriving, the HD24's meters are, of course, showing -16dB (or thereabouts (not the most accurate)).
    This has worked fine, so far, by adjusting the tape returns on the desk and/or mixing on computer and normalising/raising the levels.

    Still, I always feel like I'm wasting bits....

    My question is: Is there some sort of transformer-type, level-adjusting, multi-channel thingy on the market that would give me a higher level into my HD24, or am I talking crap?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Dec 10, 2001
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    Open the channel gain more. I have a Ghost into an HD24 and theres not ever a problem with gain.I have to watch my gain staging closely at recording to avoid any of those crappy sounding digital overs.I usually get the Alesis up to around -3 and then I'm happy...Some signals, however, sound better if its cruisin along at +6 or so....as long as no red shows I'm cool....the Alesis is SERIOUS when it shows red but other than that its all good.
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    According to page 32 (34 in the pdf) of the manual I downloaded off of the Spirit web site: The tape sends (of the mixer) come factory configured for -10dBv output.

    The HD24 wants to see a +4dBu nominal input level. According to the mixer manual, you can change the ouput level to +4dBu by removing a couple of resistors. The difference between -10dBv and +4dBu is about 12db. So the change will get you about 12dB more to the recorder.
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    Thanks Lads,

    Just the info I needed...

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