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Discussion in 'Reverbs / Effects (outboard)' started by Muston-man, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. Muston-man

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    I just purchased the Lexicon MPX 550 and have it on a 30 day trail basis, so I must work fast to see if I want to keep it. I bought it to fatten up my vocals. I'm looking for a lush, fat vocal sound. There are 225 presets on the 550 and most of them relate to effects for various instruments and very few for vocals. My rack consists of a Mackie CFX 12 channel mixer, 31 band eq, BBE sound enhancer, compressor, digitect vocalist and now the MPX 550. Each channel has its own effect also but the volume of the effects are controlled on one channel of the mixer. If anyone has experience with using the MPX 550 for vocals, I'd appreciate some guidance. Thanks for the forum. roll:

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