Lexicon PCM 80, 90 question

Discussion in 'Reverbs / Effects (outboard)' started by slowflow, Jun 16, 2006.

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  1. slowflow

    slowflow Guest

    I am going to buy a secondhand Lexicon PCM 80 unit, and have a few doubts:

    It is possible to chain a stereo chorus+stereo long delay+reverb, in this order?
    at least it is possible to chain a stereo long delay+reverb ?
    I know that the PCM 80 is capable of deliver up to 42 sec. delay with fully expanded memory.

    It is possible this chain in the PCM 90? How long is the delay time in this unit?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. StevenColbert

    StevenColbert Member

    Feb 13, 2006
    Not sure if this is the answer you want. The PCM models can do some pretty complicated things. The chorus, delay, & reverb, should all be in stereo, as long as you are using both channel outs (left & right). If you pan (left & right) within any one of the programs, you should be able to achive a "stereo" sounding effect.

    You wrote: How long is the delay time on the PCM 90?

    To my knowledge the PCM 90 is just a digital reveberator. Meaning it only does reverb. And I hear it really does a good job at that to.
  3. wayne

    wayne Guest

    Had to get the books out. Too many possible combinations.. :? The GlideHall patch has modulated delays that can feed or mix with the reverb. The other four and six voice chorus patches are mixed (parallel) only. In either case to get long delays after chorus, there are several you could select from; hard or diffuse delay lines, EchoDelay (feeds back into diffusion ahead of the verb) or PostDelay (back into the verb). These are all within the verb sections, depending on the config. You could also set a pair or more of the 'chorus voices as straight delays in parallel with chorus.
    The Pitch and Dual Fx cards open things up even more to just about any combo of routing.

    The 90 has most of the same delay lines found in the 80 reverb shell (no PostDelay). I dialed up 2.5 seconds on the Delay' line, 1.25 on the ReflectDelay. Go for the DualReverb card on that one.
    Any time. 8)
  4. slowflow

    slowflow Guest

    Thank you!

    last question: how much the Dual FX Card is flexibe in routing possibilityes and can help me in this issue?

    Thank you in advance,


  5. wayne

    wayne Guest

    Yeek and ye shall find. :arrow:

    Didn't see anything for the 90 cards, but c/o the 80/81 'Dual (or Pitch' has nice options)
    Start with the mixer' and block diagrams about page 1-5 on. Every route you can think of (and a few others likely :wink: is there.

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