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Discussion in 'Reverbs / Effects (outboard)' started by Stilus, Jan 12, 2006.

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    I'm using Lexicon PCM91 and would like to create own presets from the existing (factory pre-built) ones. I used preset "M HALL*STAGE" in "PRO MODE". After editing the preset I tried to save it under REGISTER BANKS. The customized preset was saved, but some of the settings were signed with dot (.) and - consequently! - not saved. Those settings are the following: LOW RT, PRE DELAY, MSTR DLY, HIGH CUT.
    After restarting PCM91, the named settings were restored with previous, not the modified values.
    I also tried to save the modified preset on different locations, but the results were the same.

    Any suggestions for the problem described?

    Thanx in advance,
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    Make sure this is turned off.
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    It IS turned off!

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