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    Sep 27, 2005
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    This is from a string quartet concert, recorded with an AKG 426, with both capsules set to cardioid, due to the noise and acoustics of the small venue. The stereo image has been adjusted in post and convolution reverb added.
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    Mar 8, 2004
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    Very nice! Quite dynamic and excellent playing!

    Considering what you mentioned about the room, it's very impressive.

    I'm guessing (based on decent computer speakers) that the early reflections time on the IR was around 8-10 I close. Personally, I might have pushed it into the 25 ms time frame, but it's a matter of personal preference.

    Of course, I may be way off and it may be some natural early reflections that I'm hearing. Or...I could just be wrong... :shock:

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    Nov 22, 2003
    Lovely playing and recording..... listening to this makes me wish I had been there to hear the performance.

  4. aracu

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    Sep 27, 2005
    Thanks for the comments. Concerning the early reflections, I don't how many ms they are. The original recording needed a small amount of hall IR to give the instruments "body" and a tiny amount of church IR to help the reverb tails. I find that the IR software reverbs I use help to blend the music and offset particular room problems if used sparingly, but can sound murky and even unnatural once the reverb is noticable. The SIR reverb works well if the original recording sounds right since it doesn't change the dry sound much, while Waves IR tends to process the dry sound more which can be good or bad. There's a new hardware reverb,
    Bricasti, which looks promising but it's very expensive.
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    Yeah, I like this very much, aracu. Great music and performance too. Well done, a fine job.

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