Limiter Q, RCA inputs to monitors, and general recording?

Discussion in 'Monitoring' started by luke404, Jan 26, 2006.

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    Jan 20, 2005
    If you are using such a device for making demos of your songs, or demos of your services(Maybe as CD "sendouts" to places that might use you as a "player/singer"), probably fine. If you are contemplating making world-class recordings with it(Or even state or county-class), probably not.

    The "on/off" limiter is not enouraging, perse, but also may "work", or be useful, to some degree? Far as using it to control your personal wide-dynamic-range..? I believe that after getting used to recording you may find it better to control your own dynamic range by "working" the mic? Many studios use some minor compression on vocal-input, for instance, but most expect you pretty much know to "back off" when you're going to holler and "get close" when you're whispering... If you monitor with headphones while recording and watch your levels "on screen", at least while you're learning the process, you'll do fine.

    The slight information I read on the unit in question says it has "mini TRS" jacks, as well as RCA? If your speakers have a "balanced" input, Maybe you can "convert" these "mini's" to the "plug" they need to keep the monitors balanced(There are all kinds of conversion adapters/cables)? Other than that, the RCA outs are likely fine. Sort've depends on what you expect?

    I wonder what you spent on your computer and guitar?(More than 200 each? Less?) -- This is a 200 dollar device we're talking about... Frankly, if I was serious about what I was doing, I'd "save up". On the other hand, if you need experience in the recording process, this might be just the ticket(Along with it's bundled software) to get you started... No sense spending the big bucks if you're unsure how you'd spend them anyway - considering you're not yet sure how to proceed(What to record first and how), no matter what device you buy...... As is, I'll bet the thing will do a "nice" job and be at least useful in your education...

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