Line 6 Pod Live XT , direct and amped for recording

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by fmrrfr, Jan 1, 2006.

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    I found the Line 6 is good for heavy, straight ahead recording. It seems that building up in volume and feed back cannot be done with this pedal board unless you plug it into an amp and mic it. Players that use volume control and varied picking may have issues. It seems to defeat the direct recording that the POD was made for.
    I run this into a Fender Hot rod deluxe from the power amp section (to bypass the amps pre-amp) and it sounds nothing like the POD thru headphones. Use two mics, a SM58 about 6" from the speaker, and a AKG condensor about 8' away for ambient in a small bedroom (10'x 12'). It sounds OK but nothing like the direct signal from the pedal.
    I was looking at getting a stereo solid state combo with at least 75 watts RMS that would give me a better, Live sound for recording. Any suggestions for something under $1,000.00?
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    Feed back is entirely a physical phenomenon-- you can do it when you record direct, as long as you do some trickery... there are a zillion tricks you could pull off, but I like the 'neanderthal club' method--

    Send your recording outs to your sequencer and another set of outs from the POD to your amp. I don't have a POD so I'm not sure what connections are available, but can't you use USB to send one signal while using an analog out to use another? Anyhow, one way or another, split the signal coming out of your POD.

    It doesn't really matter if the POD-produced tone on your amp doesn't sound right anymore because it's now just a 'driver'. The sound coming out of the amp isn't being recorded, just the sound coming out of the POD. No need to tweak the amp except maybe in frequencies that help you feed back more easily. If you end up needing the volume of the amp lower, just do so and then move closer to it. In any case, your guitar's strings need to be physically moved by the waveforms coming out of the amp (or other speaker... even a computer multimedia speaker will work at the right volume and proximity), so the guitar signal needs to be in isolation. Trying to feed back from a full mix is wasted effort, even though it can happen.

    Now, your guitar is interacting with the amplifier, which means that the signal going to the POD from your guitar, and then to your sequencer from the POD, will also be affected by the feedback and it will be recorded.

    Fun times. :D
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    Maybe a Rivera?
    Have you ever heard one? They are nice for heavy stuff. I personally use Hughes & Kettner. I like the heavy stuff.
    H&K is sweet, you should at least do yourself a favor and go check out their combo amps.
    I get the most from driving to 2 or 3 local music store's with my guitar and plugging into every amp in the store, until I hear something that sounds better than all the other amps in the room. That's how I found the Hughes & Kettner stuff.
    Marshall makes some O.K. solid state combo amps, but not everyone is a fan of the Mashall solid-state sound.
    Alot of guys still like those damn Crate amps. I have played with at least 20 or so guy's that used a Crate amp, and they loved it. I'm not suggesting Crate, (I personally would never buy a Crate) I'm just naming a few that stick out, and that are more popular than others.
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    I guess my only issue with music stores is that everytime I go (whether in Portland, OR or in So.Cal) you have a bunch of noise in the background from people trying other stuff out. You have salesman trying to steer you to the highest priced stuff for more cash.
    I purchased the HotRod Deluxe after a number of reviews by pros and ordinary people.
    Seems the push in the industry now is to put amp modelers in most moderatly priced solid state amps.
    I guess the amp I am looking for would be a two power amped, dual imput 2/12 combo that cranks out about 75 watts from both. Is any acoustic amps (SWR, Rivera, or Mesa) have something like this?
    What about running a QSC stereo power amp into a stereo 4/12 cab? If this might work, are there power amps that are more efficient in the guitar freq. range?

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