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Discussion in 'Microphones (live or studio)' started by hafsteinn, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. hafsteinn

    hafsteinn Guest

    can i get audio signals unto my cubase from my line 6 pod when i connect via a usb cable, i have checked it into the device list but it doesnt seem to work?
  2. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest

    Yes you can get it to work in Cubase.

    What version of POD are you using? (2.0, XT, XT Pro, XT Live)
    and what Cubase version are you using? (LE, SE, SL, SX, old ver. 2)

    Have you updated your ASIO Drivers to ver. for your POD using the Line 6 Monkey?

    Kyro Studios
  3. hafsteinn

    hafsteinn Guest

    xt live, yeah i updated it
  4. hafsteinn

    hafsteinn Guest

    and i cant figure out how i can record the usb audio input, its quite frustrating, since the mic input on my lap is broken
  5. 2012

    2012 Guest

    Line 6 USB

    you can't.

    the line 6 pod xt live does not transmit audio into a DAW over the USB cable.

    you have to use the 1/4" outputs on the xt live or headphones plugged into the xt live to monitor any sound from the unit.

    the USB connection is only for loading/transferring patches & controlling
    the settings using Line6 edit or GuitarPort software.

    i think the TonePort may do what you're looking for, but i'm not sure.
  6. hafsteinn

    hafsteinn Guest

    could i put the 1/4 input into my m-box and sound would transfer from its usb?

    im mainly only asking this because the mic input on my laptop is busted , im not sure what i can do
  7. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest

    2012 & hafsteinn,

    I'm inexperienced with the LIVE.

    I do use both XT and XT Pro in the studio and am very experienced with those two models.

    I've checked with Line 6 and here's what I've found for you:

    Link removed
    USB - PODXT Live’s USB jack lets you connect to most computers and record directly to a wide variety of popular recording software packages. We’ve even included a USB cable for use with our GuitarPort® Windows® based software and PODXT Live Mac®/Windows® driver software. All this software - along with directions for using it - is free for you to download at http://.

    OK, what that tells me is that the LIVE driver will be configured similar to our Pro (in fact it is the very same driver). So DIGITAL AUDIO over USB to the ASIO/WDM POD XT Driver is possible using the LIVE and does not require ANALOG, line input.

    You can record directly from the USB into Cubase.

    hafsteinn, you've left the cubase version question unanswered... Please tell me which version you use so that I can describe to you how to configure it for use with the POD in detail - there are slight differences between versions.

    Kyro Studios
  8. KyroJoe

    KyroJoe Guest


    for these instructions I'll assume you're using Cubase LE

    With the USB connected to the POD XT Live and the Pod powered on
    Launch the Line 6 Monkey.

    Go to Start / Control Panel / Pod XT
    Configure your POD xt Live v2.6.8.0 ASIO Driver.
    Probably want to use 48,000 and 24 bit

    Open Cubase

    Set up your new project as desired.
    You can set up your project sample rate setting under Project / Project setup
    Select 48000 and 24 bit

    Under Devices / Device Setup / VST Multitrack
    In ASIO Driver field select ASIO PODxt

    You should now be able to record from the USB to the ASIO PODxt driver and into Cubase.

    Kyro Studios
  9. hafsteinn

    hafsteinn Guest

    im using cubase sx°

    unfortunately your direction didnt work

    i tried activatin the line 6 input in the device list ,put that isnt working either
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