Line 6's Toneport UX2

Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by R_Spaulding, Dec 3, 2005.

  1. R_Spaulding

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    disclaimer: i dont work for line 6... i just think this machine is fricken sweet

    I picked up the Toneport UX2 by Line 6 not too long ago, and it's been nothing but awesome... and fun! I'm new to the whole recording world, so I cant give you any technical info, but I can show you what it does. Here is a little sample compilation of different effects in the Gearbox software thats included with the UX1 and UX2. There's a whole s**t ton of preset effects, and each one of those presets, you can manipulate; more mid, less bass, drive, throw in some reverb, flange, make the room bigger, different amps, different cabs... its ENDLESS!!! you can use it with your favorite sequencing software, and record with all these cool effects to apply to both the guitar AND the vocals!

    Link removed

    let me know what you guys think, i guess. I just felt like shouting from the rooftops!

    1: Big room / hall
    2: Tremlo
    3: Delay/Chorus
    4: Flange
    5: Phase
    6: Distortion
    7: Delay/distortion & the ability to lay 2 tracks with different effects
    8: Heavy distortion
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    Nov 25, 2005
    Cool sounds. :cool:
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    May 25, 2005
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    How do you like the emulated preamps and compression for vocal work?

    I've actually used the GuitarPort for quite a few re-amping configurations taking advantage of the analog outputs and have been wondering about the UX2 as a toy for some vocal stuff.
  4. R_Spaulding

    R_Spaulding Guest

    Well, like I said, I am new to the whole recording thing, but it sounds great to me... But I haven't heard the "top of the line" stuff yet either, so i have nothing to use as a referance. For technical info and such, pop over to forums at Line 6, im sure someone there knows something. (Dead Link Removed)

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