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Discussion in 'Microphones & Recording' started by Luke Walchuk, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Luke Walchuk

    Luke Walchuk Guest

    Can someone explain to me the concept of "line level?" I don't even know how to ask the question more specifically because I don't know exactly what kind of answer I'm looking for.. sorry..
  2. bgavin

    bgavin Guest

    Here is a lot of useful information:

    Link to Rane Glossary on my site
  3. Mundox

    Mundox Guest

    This is the level that would be too hot for a mic input. Pro level is +4dbu, consumer line level is -10dbu.
  4. Luke Walchuk

    Luke Walchuk Guest

    Thanks for the replies, that helps clear things up a bit, and the Rane glossary looks like a great resource.

    along the same lines- what's the difference between dBV and dBu?
  5. realdynamix

    realdynamix Well-Known Member

    Feb 23, 2001
    :) dBu and dBv are the same, decibels referenced to 0.775 volt. dBV is referenced to 1 volt.


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