Linking 002 rack with another interface

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    Hello all, this is more of just a curiosity question rather than something in my near future. I have heard it is possible to connect another interface to your digi 002 rack to add more input channels, but im not 100% sure....assuming it's possible, how would I go about linking them? would pro tools recognize it? For now, I was looking at a Firepod, or a MOTU 8 pre firewire. Thanks!
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    You can add up to 8 further channels to your 002R via the ADAT lightpipe input. To do this, you need a digitizing pre-amp with lightpipe output. The bottom end of the range of such devices is an ADA8000, but you can get much better ones as you go up in price. You can't use FireWire interfaces as expanders unless they have an ADAT output as well as FireWire.

    Note that the ADAT lightpipe is limited to 48KHz sampling rate for 8 channels.
  3. From what I understand, there is no way to expand your 002 interface past 18 inputs. That is using all 8 analog inputs, and your 8 channel ADAT light pipe, and your 2 spdif inputs. There are some expansion boxes that will give you more compressors and FX without taxing your DSP (Focusrite Liquid Mix), but I have yet to find a way to get more than 18 inputs. I think that is Digidesign's clever way to tell you that you need to upgrade..........

    There are some epansion bundles available that will open up your LE system from 32 to 48 tracks, but you may lose some plug in power because LE systems are native systems that directly relate to your processer power.

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