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    Does anyone remember Liquid Audio?

    I was so jacked up over this company back around 2000. I thought it was brilliant. I actually bought in on it, had it setup with Pro Tools, starting learning Photo Shop for all the art work needed to create CD covers, online artwrok etc around the time we all began building here. All in hope to help indie musicians ( including myself) learn our trade, get noticed and promoted somehow. Record companies were tightning up their purses and the business as we once new it was crumbling. Big studios were dissaperaing. Online distribution seemed right on.
    I, like millions of musicians, just needed a break and a door open. Liquid Audio seemed like the new frontier, we had hope and control over our work more than ever. It never took off though.

    MP3 and online downloading including Napster all happened around the same time. Thankfully Liquid Audio refunded me.

    Now it seems like one big quagmire out there.

    I'd love to hear others insight, or predictions on the future of our music and business side of things?

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