Discussion in 'Mixing & Song Critique' started by Chance, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. Chance

    Chance Guest

    A friend of mine who I haven't seen for a long time,is closing the doors to his place.
    He has some things I have never heard of like EPOS monitors ? A-7 monitors, AMR monitors
    He has a matched pair of Manley mics he said they were $2300.00 each and is selling for 2K FOR THE PAIR ( right now I am cussing out the IRS ) He has a few Manley pre's. Because of the IRS I didn't ask the price ( it hurts too much ) He did say the pr of A-7's was $500.00
    and the EPOS & AMR $500.00 for the pair He even has a 40ft truck set up for A/V heat and A/C Lots of analog tape machines 2tr to 24tr
  2. idylldon

    idylldon Guest

    Does he have a list of all that's for sale? I might be interested in some of it.

  3. Chance

    Chance Guest

    I am not sure. I couldn't talk to him too long as I was in a session. I will speak to him tomorrow
  4. Recording Engineer

    Recording Engineer Active Member

    Mar 4, 2001
    Any chance of a console?
  5. a33

    a33 Active Member

    Dec 8, 2003
    I would be interested in the lost aswell. :c:
  6. Chance

    Chance Guest

    I have been real busy. will try to post a list by the weekend
  7. Chance

    Chance Guest

    For anyone in the Victorville aera thats where the gear is. He is staying with friends and doesn't have his computer set-up. anyone serious can E-mail me, then I will put you in contact with him. I think Victorville is fairly close to Idyllwild ( I thought you guys got burned out ) I'm glad you didn't!
  8. idylldon

    idylldon Guest

    No, luckily the fires missed our hill this year. We had a bad one come close to wiping out the whole town back in '96, though, so I know what it feels like to drive away from one's house, job, and "stuff" thinking it's all going to be toast the next time you see it.

    It's going to be a hellacious weekend for me at work, so if I decide to pursue any of the gear, I'll give you a shout then.

  9. Chance

    Chance Guest

    I've tried replying to all the E-mails I've been getting, but for some reason they get delievered back to I will post his land-line ( call only if you're serious )
    (503)409-5837 his name is Greg

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