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Discussion in 'Drums' started by GKin, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. GKin

    GKin Guest


    I am from Hong Kong. I will record drums for a hiphop/rock/funky band next week. I have to decide which mic to buy very soon. I used to record drum with 10mics and I hope to stick with it (kick x2, snare x2, toms x3, OH x2, plus a room mic). Below are the mics that I hope to decide with the tight budget I have got:

    Kick (big lo sound) - D112 or D6
    Kick (mid/hi skin sound) - beta91 or D2 or sm57 or beta57

    Snare (surface) - sm57 or beta57 or i5 or beta98 or D2
    Snare (bottom) - sm57 or beta57 or i5 or D2

    OH - AKG Perception 170 or Audix f15 or Audix ADX51

    Toms (hi) - D2 or sm57
    Toms (floor and mid) - I am pretty sure to stick with audix so I am not gona post it here.

    Room - I have to stick with my c2000 as I don't think I won't have budget after buy above mics.

    I already have some mics, D112 x1, sm57 x1, beta57 x1, beta98 x1 and a AKG c2000. I do not mind to skip 1 or 2 old mics if the tracks can sound better in the result. I prefer not to buy duplicate mic though, if not necessary, as I hope to try out more new mics, esp the audix mics. One more thing is that, besides recording this band, I record rock/metal mainly, which I hope the new mics are suitable to me in future.

    Please share, which mics you prefer to choose in above list? I have got like 700usd-800usd. It will be great if you can share your comments or suggestion as well!!

  2. djmukilteo

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    Nov 23, 2008
    Rainy Roads WA USA
    There are some really great instructional pdf files from Shure on they're website that have a bunch of good information and mic recommendations (of course they are all Shure) but the SM57 and beta's you already have are all listed in there, so maybe it will help you decide which to put where! I would think other manufacturers will have similar application brochures...

    Shure - Resources
  3. GKin

    GKin Guest

    Hi djmukilteo,

    thanks for the info. read thru the mic technique for drums. part of them are position of mics, which I did some of them already in past projects, the guideline in the bottom has some choices of mic, which pretty much the same as I did above. and the choices from some technicians are similar as I did above too. But yea, it is just Shure...

    I hope to know if you or anyone can compare these different brand/model of mics from my choices and would be great with your comments.

    If just saying the Shure mic I have, I am pretty sure using them for snare or hi-tom. But the thing is kick and OH choices are not Shure mainly, which I want to know which is good to choose. hope to hear your thoughts based on your experiences.

  4. albatrocity

    albatrocity Guest

    It really depends on how the kit sounds, but I imagine you could do without the extra kick and snare mics, especially if you're miking the room.
    Personally I've never liked the sound of a bottom snare mic. If you're concerned about getting the "snap" in the snare, you might try a well-placed small diaphragm condenser on top. I'm a fan of the Audio-Technica PRO-35 for this. It's a small clip-on mic so it's easy to place and it's pretty inexpensive if the drummer happens to smack the crap out of it.

    I'd say stick with the D112 for kick. Place it well and you'll have all the mid/hi skin sound you need.

    I haven't used the overhead mics you list, but I'd say go with the pair that has the nicest high-end response. You can probably roll off a lot of low end since you'll be miking toms and throwing a room mic in the mix.

    Most importantly is mic placement and the room. If you don't like the sound initially, move the mic.
  5. AudioWonderland

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    Jun 16, 2009
    Well, I have the means to use more, but I have found that I prefer to use just 4 on drums.

    Kick - Beta52
    Snare - Sm57, Audix i5 or Sennheiser e906
    Overheads - A pair of Kel HM-1's or CAD M177's

    On the rare occasion I use tom mics I like SM57's or the CAD M177's
  6. GKin

    GKin Guest

    thanks for the reply!

    I finished the session few days ago, end up with mics below:

    Kick: D112 + beta57
    Snare: Audix D2 x 2
    OH: Rode NT5 x 2
    Room: AKG 4000B
    no tom mics as there is no toms for this hiphop song..

    I am pleased for the result, especially the snare, i decided to use 2 D2s after some tests, and its thickness and big sound superised me!

    in fact, the NT5s are not mine, I just borrow it from my fd, while my Little Blondies mics will arrive soon, I guess i will use them later for OH and other things, what you guys think about this mic??
  7. Utopia

    Utopia Guest

    I know I'm late, but for a Billy Jean sound on the snare I always use an SM57.

    Kick D112 and for skin sound use Beta.
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